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XYO’s Location Oracle Is The Hope For A Verified Future

Understanding The Necessity For A Location Oracle

My dad had just bought the latest brand of Mercedez Benz and it was a thing of pride to hop in for a ride with him day after day as he drove me and my siblings to school every day.

It was a rude shock the day carjackers broke in and made away with the car. Thankfully, he had solid GPS tracking technology enabled which helped him recover the car with the help of the police.

This scenario above represents just one in the thousands of ways GPS and location services have become germane to our everyday lives.

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An Overview Of The  XYO Network

XYO Network is a project that aims to create a crypto-location network that can provide authentic, reliable, secure and autonomous location data so as to phase out the current global reliance on a centralized GPS which is faced with niggling issues such as accuracy, security lapses due to device spoofing, etc.

The network is being created by XY, a company that has crafted one of the most massive GPS and Bluetooth beacons network in the world. They’ve been working in the background over the years perfecting the world-class location protocol critical to achieving their lofty aim.


XYO Network’s Strategy And Methodology

The XYO network succeeds in creating a decentralized location network primarily using an interconnection of crypto-location protocols which are necessary for the technologies in the present and even in future.

The network is being opened up to enable blockchain developers to relate with the real world as they would an API. The floor is open for willing partners to chip in and be a part of history-making.


Why partner with XYO Network

Apart from their well vaunted experience alluded to earlier, the parent company of this interesting project XY has some well celebrated and hugely successful partners, this includes multinational brands with interests in various markets such as; sports, travel, transportation, insurance, etc.

These brands include fellow members of the Trusted IoT Alliance, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, IFTT, Bluetooth and so on.

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Partnership and Token information

The XYO token is being distributed using a very special and unique economic outlook to attract a diverse participant pool.

This path unlike many other blockchain projects aims to avoid one large entity having control of a large percentage of the pre-sale token.

The XYO token price structure for its sale has a smart contract with a built in dynamic price increase system. 100, 000, 000, 000 XYO tokens will be available for the public token sale, all left over tokens after this project is concluded will be burnt forever.

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The pricing of XYO tokens has also followed a unique economic outlook to incentivize early partners, the exchange rate at the commencement of sales was 1 ETH to 100,000 XYO, as transactions go on, this rate increases till it hits a limit of 1 ETH to 33,333.33 XYO where it will remain till conclusion of sales.

The projected cap for this token is 48,000,000 USD.

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The incentives are clear, and with time running out and clear advantages to being an early bird, XYO tokens need to be picked up as soon as practicable in order to profit maximally from this venture.


For more information, please click on any of the links below to get direct verified information from the team.



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