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I have a dream for my company in future maybe you share same, to wake up in the morning in Dubai and brush my teeth in London, while I sit for breakfast in Capetown. I know you are thinking – Yeah, Right! With Global REIT’s masterplan it is more than possible, in fact, my company can own a stake in all the properties afore mentioned.



A Real Estate Investment Trust is an aggregation of funds as the name suggests to pursue real estate opportunities while minimizing the risks accruable to individuals and offering the much needed protection from obstacles to doing business such as high tax rates, cumbersome registrations etc. in the Global REIT template though, blockchain harmonization is input to give room for more opportunities, greater scalability and profits.

Image result for global reit icoThe REIT represents a very feasible alternative revenue stream for willing business. Income will come in on steady basis, with the lion share of profits being shared amongst partners.

For many entrepreneurs who have aimed and aspired to own multiple properties across continents like me, reality has always given us a hard knock on the head, the logistics of pulling off some of our dreams alone are daunting. Statutory requirements in some countries, costs of operations, restrictions on foreign ownerships and investments, the list goes on and on. Worry not however, Global REIT has come to make our worries go away.



The company is located in the beautiful city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, a perfect location if you ask me. The real estate business potential here alone has me salivating. Beyond the classical offerings of similar schemes, Global REIT will provide a partner free access to all its holdings in the future, offer innovative rewards and incentives like loyalty points etc. all this added to the monthly payouts and even the prestige of global investing is a guarantee.


People of interest

Are you a real estate mogul with assets you would like to shed? Or you are interested in keying into the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market. Then Global REIT is exactly for you. Cryptocurrency holders who are looking for a reliable source of revenue or looking to branch into the property business are also well placed to benefit from this.



Image result for global reit icoThe first asset of the project will be in Dubai, because charity begins at home of course, eventually things will blow out from there to include other nations and continents of the world. The phase of taking on partners is upon us with the initial coin offering (ICO) on schedule. Two types of tokens will be on offer in the ICO, GRET and GREM

  • GRET – Global REIT Asset Token
  • GREM – Global REIT Fund Manager Token (GREM)
  • The tokens are an ERC20 Ethereum type and can be exchanged for Bitcoins, Ethereum or regular currency. The rates are as follows
  • GRET – $1 to one token
  • GREM – $0.070 to one token



The next level for your business might just be the international touch that Global REIT is offering, a steady source of income, devoid of risks and with maximal potential for growth is a delicious proposition.


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Bitcointalk Profile Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1825008

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  1. Great article, here you can find what u want about altcoins

  2. Great article, here you can find what u want about altcoins

  3. thanks for this much better explanation. It makes so much sense now

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