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What is the use of creativity if at the end of the day there is little or nothing to show for it? I am a photographer and I am not satisfied with my career. Spending hours just to perfect this skill along with the required money for learning and also purchasing the needed equipments and at the end of it all what do I have to show for my dedication and passion? Just very little.

I make digital contents with the hope of making good income from them but that is not to be so because of the monopoly within the stock photography industry with majority of the market being dominated by few agencies. Due to the influence of these agencies, an individual photographer tends to give away majority of their earnings to about 85% just to get distribution opportunities with these agencies.

What will be left for the digital content creator after such an amount is taken from their revenue? Very little is left. Now you can understand how pitiable the current situation is? But there is hope. There is now hope for the individual digital content creator with the introduction of Wemark. This will be a total game changer for the digital content industry.


Understanding Wemark

Image result for wemark ico reviewWemark is a product which aims to fix the current faulty system of digital content distribution and to enable content creators get real value for their contents.

Wemark is all about replacing the dominant marketplace with a better platform that will give freedom to creators of digital contents. With the use of blockchain technology, Wemark plans to create a marketplace for the distribution of all kinds of digital contents which will be linked to a decentralized network where there will be no need for Intermediaries.

Wemark Will give photographers access to a larger audience on a global level and also allow them to have majority share of the benefits that was designed for the distribution of their content in the absence of the Intermediaries.


Wemark’s Angle

Wemark has lots of benefits and they include:

  • Photographers who partner with Wemark will be able to have total control over their content. Without the Wemark protocol, no digital content will be sold or licensed by Wemark, which means that no photographer’s content will be sold with their permission.
  • Photos cannot be sold at any price unless the photographer approves the pricing of the content on the Wemark platform.
  • On Wemark, instead of the 15-20% royalty payment which photographers are currently paid for the distribution of their contents, they will receive an amazing 85% payment on the Wemark platform. Even if Wemark decides to reduce the rate of royalty payment in future, existing photographers on the platform will not be affected without their approval because Wemark takes seriously the terms of distribution which they have entered with the photographers.


Opportunity For Partnership

Related imageWemark offers flexibility on their platform which gives the users of the platform control over their subscription with the introduction of Wemark Token which can be sold or used in any manner the user chooses.

Wemark offers a platform that will make it easier for users to subscribe with the availability of agreements that works for all parties involved.

With Wemark, the distribution of digital content will work in the favour of the digital content creators. The team have commenced an initial coin offering for intending partners to buy in and become a part of the team towards taking this innovative project to the next level



Total Token Supply: 135,000,000

Standard: ERC20

Name: WMK

Hard Cap: 8M USD

Soft Cap: 1.5M USD



No one deserves to receive less payment for the work they have done. Wemark makes it a point of duty to make sure that photographers and all digital content creators are adequately paid for their work. With a platform that operates with transparency, no content will be sold without the approval of the content creator.

This is completely new and refreshing and it’s a long awaited revolutionary product. Join hands with Wemark and the digital content industry will be taken to a better era.

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Author Information:

Username: babilon
Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2075694

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