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Essentia project, miles away from the competition

If you asked Tony, there was no way he could have found himself in this current predicament.

No one was as careful with data storage as he was, in fact people complained about him most of the time that his obsession with security and safety was bordering on paranoia.

Despite all this though, identity thieves still managed to hijack his identity and leave him in the lurch. Essentia has come to rescue people like Tony, who often suffer from the hands of data thieves.


Essentia’s offer

Essential is a blockchain based project designed for the days technological and social environment to protect the ideas, information and data of users through maximal encryption and decentralization. Apart from being decentralized, Essentia also removes the need for intermediaries ensuring absolute privacy, freedom and control to the users.

Like Tony, many individuals have found that their personal information and history, their social life and interactions, even financial details are very valuable to sinister elements. Many more are have been or are at risk of being dealt with as a result of the centralization of interactions with the current Information ecosystem. Essentia is here to rectify that.


How it works

Essentia acts as a passageway that opens the door to decentralized resources that allows clients carry on with their normal digital life whilst enjoying the protection of decentralized solutions and modern innovative protection of their identity and data. The framework allows users to make the choice on their anonymity and to what extent they may share their data and chose the precise manner and means with which their information is shared if they want to share it.

The air-tight protection is guaranteed by blockchain related cryptographic invention that can in the speed of light secure access to on or off-chain third party services for the user’s Identities, files  wallets, software, etc. from any location whatsoever.


The Essentia advantage

With Essentia, a user is the only one who can guarantee partial or full access to his data cryptographically as that information is encrypted and privately connected with the user’s ID.

It should be noted too that unlike its peers, machines can be programmed to fully operate the platform with no glitches whatsoever. More merits with which the platform trounces its competitors include being absolutely future and fault-proof, host and language agnostic, even having both hardware and software components.

Others include full privacy, incorruptibility, anti-censoring and being flexible across various protocols, always readily available and accessible.


Multi modular

All in a bid to provide unbeatable services, dozens of framework and modules have been crafted to make Essentia a leader in its particular niche. This includes, ESS-Core, ESS-Key, ESS-ID and so on and so forth. All designed with a specific objective in mind and all performing to satisfaction.


Joining the winning team

The Essentia team has put out an opening by which one can start enjoying all this prior outlined benefits. That is through an ICO for ERC20 token ESS. It is Ethereum based and revolves around all processes on the platform.



The risks abound for the digital citizen around the world today, scams, thefts, blackmail etcetera constitutes the daily reality in our word and so it is necessary to have an ally that is head and shoulders above the rest and that is what Essentia represents.


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