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Since the birth of the blockchain technology, individuals have been brainstorming on how best they can adopt the 21st century innovation to help them maximize in their various industries. Experts in the health industry, security corporations, forex trading and even software developers have adopted the technology.

Fortunately for the Real Estate Investment Industry, Ali Tumbi, has come on board to leverage on the blockchain technology in order to help people get continuous dividends from Real Estate Investments, give people access to a liquid market and help Real Estate moguls get an edge in the cryptocurrency industry.


Global REIT overview

Global REIT is a blockchain based investment trust directed specifically at acquiring real estate assets and generating reliable, safe and sizeable income for its teeming partners and shareholders.

Like other real estate investment trusts (REITs), Global REIT is designed to be an avenue for like-minded individuals to come together and pool their resources to enable them acquire assets, create wealth from real estate through sales and rent and then equitably distribute this wealth in a just and fair manner.

The similarities could just about end there though because Global REIT has decided to play their cards a different way to the usual. The project has highlighted some flaws in the current real estate system. If you’ve ever tried to do business in the industry, you’ll have a fair idea of what I’m on about.

Too many challenges stand in the way of potential landlords and ladies. The burden that is heaped on you range from all sorts of dues and charges, legislations and sorts like that. It even becomes particularly worrisome if the business is to be done in a non-native country.

Some of these countries out rightly prevent you from some kind of real estate dealings, usually the rather juicier ones, others force you to hide behind locals just to achieve your aim. Global REIT has come to scatter all such restrictions.


The Global REIT advantage

Global has identified the significant gains of the blockchain market and the fact that it offers some unique advantages that will put their partners in a wonderful position. They have therefore based their REIT on the platform.

This has allowed the project offer many more advantages, they will offer partners free stays in the expansive properties they’ll acquire across the world, provide performance based bonuses and incentives for sticking around and even create a Fund Management Income that partners can benefit from.

How could I forget, the salary for life? Imagine getting paid monthly from just partnering up with a progressive company like Global REIT.

The company is located in the massively visited capital of the UAE, Dubai, they’ve taken pains to be sharia compliant, that’s how thorough they are. From this premium location, they’ll spread to every corner of the world.


Token info

Two token types. GREM and GRET which are Ethereum ERC-20 type

  • GREM – Global REIT Fund Manager

Total available token – 200,000,000

Rate per token – $0.070


  • GRET – Global REIT Fund Manager

Total available token – 75,000,000

Rate per token – $1.00



All your dreams can become reality in the shortest time and at such a decreased risk to you personally, you get a portfolio that yields profits on a monthly basis and get to deal in a well sort after market. All courtesy Global REIT.


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