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Taking A Look At The Global REIT Advantage

Looking at the basic needs that a person should have to survive, it’s unquestionable why people have decided to equate food and shelter in the same category. Now although we can attest to the sweetness of food, the comfort that comes with a pleasant accommodation is also food for the should.

Unfortunately, the real estate investment which is directly connected to the economical growth of a nation is sometimes left untapped. Individuals sometimes find it hard to get access to choice properties due to the highly valued responsibilities which are associated, but what if we can count on each other, and jump in with the power of the blockchain technology? I’ll tell you how.


The Global REIT Advantage

Global REIT is a project targeted at individuals who are searching for a steady guaranteed source of income and who have cryptocurrency to chip in to make that happen.

It’s also designed for business-minded individuals who have an eye on the property business or in the alternative if you own properties and want a piece of the sizeable cryptocurrency market.

It is unlike most other real estate investment trusts or REITs as they are known, a cryptocurrency based commonwealth that is input into strategic real estate projects and returns are generated through rent and outright sales, with dividends paid to contributors.

The Global REIT team have the requisite skills and experience to deliver at the highest level.


Team strength

The project founder Ali Tumbi is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of excelling in his endeavors. His ability to make the correct calls at highly charged moments will stand Global REIT in good stead going forward. Paul Christodoulou who would act as the chief operations officer is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to real estate dealings, he aims to put this knowledge to good use in driving the train of this project.

On the technical angle, the man handling the blockchain development is Muhammad Waseem who is a super experienced in the technology including various programming languages and tools.  Bringing his vast experience amassed in over 28 years of working in a wide range of industries spanning from IT to global businesses. Financial and technical advice will be coordinated by Vijay Vyas and Babar Ahmed respectively. Both super talented and experienced in their respective fields.

The Global REIT team has already demonstrated good foresight by locating the project in Dubai, a city that is the nmber one destination for most people in the world. They’ve also spelt out a very practical and exciting roadmap to set realistic targets that once achieved would put smiles on the faces of partners and commas in their bank accounts.



To be a partner with the distinguished fellows above is actually not that hard, all you need is some currency, Bitcoin or Ethereum to acquire some tokens in the initial coin offering organized by Global REIT. Two token types are on offer.

The Global REIT Asset Token or GRET will cost a dollar per token while the Global REIT Fund Manager Token or GREM will cost 0.070 dollar.


In closing

Chances like this don’t come by every day, it would be unthinkable to pass this one up as the great potentials and opportunities are clear for all to see.


For more information please check out any of the links below:


Username: Vocalwalls
Bitcointalk Profile Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1825008


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