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StreamDesk – A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange for the Blockchain Generation

Technological advancement has really played a major role in the global economic growth, especially in the digital economy world. The creation of the internet, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies etc. has given rise to so many innovations by financial institutions, businessmen, and government agencies. Some of this innovations include online banking, different online payment options, online markets (e-commerce), online business (e-business) etc. initially fiat currencies was the widely accepted means of exchange in the digital economy world until the creations of the first cryptocurrency known as bitcoin powered by Blockchain technology. The success of Blockchain operations (decentralized system, faster transaction, easy to access/use, transparent, lower transaction fee and secured operations) gave rise to so many other cryptocurenies like litecoin, ripplecoin, ethereum etc. Today cryptocurrancies are gradually gaining global acceptance as a means of exchange in e-commerce and e-business related activities. But despite its growing popularity one of its challenges is the fact that it users tend to rely on and also trust a third party (crypto exchanges) with their money in cases where peer to peer exchanges is unavailable, to carryout crypto transactions (exchange crypto fiat and fiat to crypto). But the problem here is that most exchanges platforms are prone to hackers because of their mode of operation (centralized system). Meaning the loss of clients’ money when there is a security bridge. Another challenge is the high commission charge and crypto inflation by exchanges to maintain profit because of the volatile nature of the crypto market.


A team of experienced individuals in e-commerce, e-business and blockchain technology, after careful study of the challenges above, came up what project STREAMITY. The STREAMITY project is focused on aiding the cryptocurrency community’s security by creating a decentralized crypto exchange system that carries out fair and transparent crypto transactions without intermediaries via its STREAMITY services and smart contracts.





The official token to be used in the STREAMITY ecosystem is the streamity token (STM). this token enable its users to access the various services offered by streamtiy platform. Below are advantages of STREAMITY token (STM);



Token Name:STM

Hard Cap:186,000,000 STM

Token sale price:$0.20USD

Means of Token Purchase: BTC, LTC ETH, ETC, USD, EUR.

PRE ICO Information

Soft cap on PRE ICO: –
Pre ICO Hard cap: $2.8 million USD

PRE ICO sales Volume: 20,000,000 STM
ICO Sales Volume : 110,200,000 STM




Facebook Link:https://facebook.com/streamity
Twitter Link:https://twitter.com/streamityorg
Bitcointalk Profile Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910183

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