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StopTheFakes – Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Service Token Goes Live

In this time and age when we all think technology is an innovation that was created for the good of mankind, it’s sad that this same technology has become a major problem by helping to promote substandard and copyrighted products, without any remorse whatsoever.

After spending over 3 months to create a certain website with specific functionalities way back in December 2017, it saddened me to realize that someone somewhere could clone the script with just the push of a button, thus leaving me no room to make profit from my hard work and investment.

I’m not the only one. Most companies are also feeling the brunt. After spending millions of dollars into research and development, someone out there produces a lower quality replica of the same product, and generates revenue at the expense of the company.

You may think that the protection of intellectual property and brand identities is the job of the government, however, history has revealed that although some major countries have signed the ACTA agreement,  some other countries like China, Switzerland and Mexico have made the document seem ineffective as they are not yet signatories to it.

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In most cases, private business owners always have to run to the government, or to state owned institutions, in order to combat theft of intellectual property, thus increasing their losses. But these are the lucky ones. Think about privately owned small scale businesses who do not have the financial backing to fight piracy and theft? Many of them have actually gone under.

The good news is, there’s finally a breakthrough now!

StopTheFakes is a 21st century innovation that is committed to tackling the infringement and theft of intellectual properties. It is a blockchain based brainchild idea that leverages on the blockchain technology to help defeat counterfeiting.

With the introduction of StopTheFakes, numerous business entities will no longer have to spend a large chunk of their profits towards identifying and tackling infringements.

As a matter of fact, it will only cost $19  to detect infringements. Imagine what all the other monies can be put into for those who decide to leverage on this brilliant innovation?

StopTheFakes will be very much beneficial to various establishments in diverse industries such as movie producers, network owners, manufacturers and producers, web developers and computer game developers, and even musicians who put in so much time and money to create amazing songs.

How It Works

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The platform will be making use of cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment, and as such, a token that will guarantee immediate security and speed of transactions was created by the StopTheFakes team.

The token which has been branded as STFCoin  can be purchased using already existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  According to information on the official website, the Pre-sale kicked off on the 21st of January, 2018 with a total of about 1,305,000 tokens. The exchange rate was around 1 ETH for 2400 STF.

Allocation Of Raised Funds

A total of 29 million tokens are planned to be issued and there are no plans to increase the cap. Token sale is currently ongoing, and is scheduled to end  on the 21st of April 2018.

Token Distribution

This is a major opportunity for wise persons to become a part of something important and grow with the endless possibilities of StopTheFakes.

For updated information, I’ll encourage you to visit their official website or any of the following links below:

Website – https://stopthefakes.io

Whitepaper – https://stopthefakes.io/#screen6

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Stopthefakes-137209146891736/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/StopTheFakes_io

Telegram – https://t.me/stopthefakes

Blog – https://medium.com/@stopthefakes

Announcement – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2370534

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  1. still skeptical, i think i’ll invest what i can let go

    • I assure you this is the real deal. I also told people about ripple and some other major coins now. Those who followed my tip did not regret it.

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