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Smart Containers: The leading innovator in the logistics business.

A while back I worked for a company that was into importation. We imported everything from food to non edible materials such as furniture etc. Business was going fine and profits were made. Suddenly my country experienced an economic crisis which made my boss decide to make an investment which cost him everything. Food became scarce and food prices went up. My boss saw an opportunity to make a great profit by importing food from another country, so he invested majority of his money into the venture with the assurance of success, but something went wrong.

The logistics company used for the food transport experienced theft on their way to my country and everything was lost. According to reports, the transporters were overpowered by high way robbers who then made away with all the goods. A lot was lost following the event. My boss lost his health, employees lost their jobs, of which I was one of them. Had there been a way to keep track of the containers transporting those food materials things would have been different today.

Image result for smart containers icoThis is why I introduce to you SMART CONTAINERS. This company makes use of blockchain technology to bring the world the best logistics ecosystem. Temperature sensitive goods are in good hands when you use Smart containers. Even the pharmaceutical companies have made smart containers their sought-after logistics company because their medicines retain their freshness even after a long travel. This is as a result of the controlled environment where goods are kept, where temperature and humidity has no effect.

About Smart Containers

Smart containers is a Swiss company that specializes in the provision of a high-tech, fully autonomous container. These containers are founded upon the blockchain technology and an IoT infrastructure. With the help of this technology, Smart Containers can monitor and track each container anywhere they’re located in the world. This has led the smart container group to become the biggest provider of airfreight containers making use of IoT sensors in the market.

With their outstanding technologies and attention to details both in hardware and software, smart containers group division company named SkyCell is currently ranked as the 4th in global transportation of pharmaceuticals in the industry. Also food will be adequately preserved during transport by their Food Guardians division. Temperature sensitive foods will be transported globally without the product losing its freshness in addition to adequate tracking.

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Smart containers, in a bid to create a fully integrated logistics ecosystem accessible to industry players at reduced cost, is driven to create LOGI CHAIN. This is to raise the industry standard and to make it more cost effective.

The Token Information

Smart containers makes use of the SMARC token which is a profit share token. Token holders will receive 20% of future exit profits and dividends. The token holders will be paid the 20% amount equivalent in Ether. 150M token is the maximum supply. 80% of this is 120M and that’s up for grabs in the initial coin offering while the remaining amount will be used to cover ICO costs. Each token is fixed at USD 0.432. Hard cap is USD 36M.

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The Investment Opportunity

Token Pre-sale

This pre-sale will be by invitation only and will start in April with a discount of 25%. At this rate, the hard cap is at 49.3M token which is USD 16M.

Token Public Sale

The public sale will commence in May and it is expected to raise USD 5M with the sales of 12.8M tokens. The first, second and third tiers will have discounts of 15%, 10% and 5% respectively.

Token Private Sale

Institutional investors will be offered the rest of the tokens in a private sale.


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Technology experience breakthroughs everyday and those who make haste to adopt new ways of doing things have the edge in the business world. I encourage you today to partner with Smart Containers and make your tomorrow better than your today.

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