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SINT GLOBAL – The Fastest Crypto & Fiat Exchange in The world


 Means of exchange for goods and services has continually evolved, from the barter system to fiat currency and now digital currency.The fiat currency had always been the widely accepted means of exchange around the world until the big break of the first digital cryptocurrency (bitcoin) around 2008. The success of bitcoin which is being powered by blockchain technology gave rise to other cryptocurrencies like litcoin,ripplecoin etherium etc. which also make use of blockchain technology.

Today so many companies are adopting different cryptocurrency as their means of exchange. And this, in turn, has led to an increase in investors in the cryptocurrency world. But one of the major challenge faced by crypto investors is the inability to convert their cryptocurrency directly to fiat currency of their choice, which is a key future lacking among big-time cryptocurrency trading companies like Bainance, Coinexchange, Poloniex etc. This challenge forces the investor to seek exchanging options which most times attracts high exchange fee, unfavorable exchange rate and slow transaction execution time. The need to create an integrator/platform to connect users with local fiat currency exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges, working together at the same time gave rise to SINT.

                                                                           SINT OBJECTIVE

The SINT team is made up of an experienced online marketing specialist, experienced software developer, and others. All working together to achieve its objective of being/creating a gateway to the flow of assets with a well-established market position between investors and exchanges.

                                                                            WHAT IS SINT

SINT is a platform (not an exchange platform) that enables conversion and transfers of funds held in any currency into cryptocurrencies and vice versa in a very short time. Thereby making the transfer of assets to the digital currency smooth and hassle-free. Some of the features of the SINT platform is that; it enables its users to execute trades when market conditions are favorable. It allows its users to quickly realize profits from their cryptocurrency investments by withdrawing capital and converting it into the chosen fiat currency and Most importantly, provide a comprehensive solution bridging the gap between funds accumulated in banks and large cryptocurrency exchanges. The SINT platform also has good inbuilt security options (google authenticator and E-mail code) to help protect its users against third-party access.

                                                                                                                                    SINT THE SOLUTION

Below are some of the problems faced by cryptocurrency investors and how SINT intend to solve those challenges.

Problem: Delayed deposit: Many cryptocurrency exchangers do not support fiat deposits at all and most times experience delay in transactions because of their different regulations and third-party policies. But SINT platform is designed to carry out fiat to cryptocurrency exchanges and vice versa. Its transactions are always very fast and there are no delays related to third-party institutions.

Problem: Delay in withdrawals: it is usually impossible or very hard to withdraw cryptocurrency in form of fiat currency. If one eventually get an exchange offers with the possibility to pay out your funds in fiat currencies, in most cases transfers are delayed by multiple days and they are connected with significant fees. Thus, the user is forced to transfer their digital funds to another platform, where the process is carried out in a more efficient manner. But the SINT platform is integrated with the cryptocurrency world, which makes transfer quicker. Immediately withdrawal request is made it is announced in the blockchain and then an instant payment system will release the fiat funds.

Problem: High fees: Online money transfer fees start from 2%. The practice of applying such exorbitant commissions, combined with fees charged by cryptocurrency exchanges often completely deprives the investor of profits. The majority of exchanges do not cooperate with instant payment systems. Paying out the money in fiat currencies requires transferring the funds over to another exchange, which results in having to pay additional transaction fees. But Sint charges very little as 0.1% commission. Which happens to be the lowest possible commission on instant deposit or withdrawal of funds in fiat and cryptocurrencies. And when the transaction is made using the SIN token, the commission is 0%.

                                                              SINT TOKEN

SINT platform will make use of it token known as SIN. The SINT platform users will be able to exchange SIN to CRYPTO, CRYPTO to SIN, SIN to fiat and fiat to SIN, with no hidden charges/fees. The SIN token is powered by Ethereum network (blockchain technology initiative) thus giving the platform its guaranteed speed, scalability and security of processed transactions. One major uniqueness of the SINT token is that it is not affected by inflation.And this is because SINT smart contract determines/defines the number of coins in circulation.

                                                              SINT ICO

SIN token: ERC20

ICO date: May 1 – May 21 (23:59 CET)

Token supply: 10 000 000 000 (all unsold tokens will be burned)

ICO price: 1 ETH = 250 000 SIN tokens + BONUS

Exchange listing: Main exchanges by June 2018

Token distribution: Smart contract will transfer tokens right after a contribution

Payment options: ETH Smart Contract Fiat: USD, EUR

Referral, and bounty: Referral program 10% bonus and bounty program on BitcoinTalk

For more information about SINT ICO offers, SINT latest news etc. visit the links below;

Link to SINT whitepaper: https://sint.global/sint-whitepaper.pdf

SINT official site link: https://sint.global/

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/sint_global

Telegram Group Link: https://t.me/sint_global

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