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SHIVOM: The Largest Genomic Data Hub Of The Planet

Whether we like it or not, there is an ongoing rapid evolution in the healthcare industry, and with the inclusion of technology to help save human lives, there is no doubt that innovations like blockchain and genomics will be major game changers in the health industry all around the world.

From properly scrutinized data, it has been revealed that Genomic medicine can be enhanced to help save over seven thousand various kinds of rare diseases, including some major long term diseases, and others such as cancer and cardiovascular issues.

The blockchain also is known to be an ideal 21st century innovation that will cause a wholesome change in the future of healthcare. It is believed that the blockchain is the next best thing since the internet, and that’s why Shivom is coming on board!

Shivom is an amazing idea that leverges on the power of both the blockchain and genomics to help bring forth a revolutionary ecosystem which will grant everyone access to healthcare opportunities.

It is the world’s first ever integrated solution with key interest on genome data donors and patients, giving everyone an opportunity to have their genome information sequenced and stored securely.

But that’s not all, the ecosystem will also attract other major players like the government, major research bodies, patient support groups, and even an open web market environment. These major players will be able to add their applications and offer their services on the platform.

How Will Shivom Work?

Shivom leverages on the power of the blockchain, and it’s platform is completely decentralized in order to help  gather information from donors, but it doesn’t end there. These donors can also get paid for the information they throw out there.

To get started, every interested person will need to sign up on the app. After signing up, a mail will be sent to you. This mail contains the kit with which the signee will use to gather and upload his/her DNA data, saliva inclusive.

This is very interesting because from the analysis, a person can get access to their own raw generic data, and even learn much more information than they previously knew about themselves.


One of the uniqueness of Shivom is that is functions based on the globally accepted principles of collaboration, integrity, security, openness, and a clearly informed choice. The teamwill also construct a state of the art drug and medicine hub, and this will be completely nonprofit.

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Some of the major reasons why Shivom will be a success, and some benefits of the singees/donors include:

  • Users and the donors of the data will have full access anrights over their data
  • The donors can gain massive rewards if they choose to share their genomic information by directly selling access to their genomic data to third party industries.
  • Drugs can be refined and further developed using the shivom platform
  • Donors can get a well-tailored lifestyle information to support their well-being.
  • The ecosystem will be continually refined so as to eliminate unpleasant health roadblocks as swiftly as possible,

The OmiX Token

In order to support the smooth functionality and secure transactions of the Shivom platform, the OmiX utility token, which is ia top standard ERC20 utility token was adopted.

The OmiX will be stored in a very secure digital wallet on shivom;s platform and will help to speedily process trading, incentives, and even subscriptions to health and fitness apps which are hosted by the third party providers.


OmiX Token Distribution

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According to the information on the Shivom website, the token distribution is as follows:

Token sale for the OmiX will be 900m OmiX

The company will reserve 600m OmiX

In order to help the platform grow, a total of 600m OmiX will be used for incentives.

420m OmiX will be allocated to the founders

300m OmiX will be reserved for the Advisors

While, a total of 90m OmiX will be available to the OmiX community.

Use Of Generated Funds

In order to guarantee transparency, and due to the team’s genuinely transparent nature, the use of proceeds was revealed for the general public to have access to.

About 25% of the proceeds will be assigned for the building of global standard laboratories,

21%  of the proceeds will go towards forming partnerships that matter and marketing

20% will go into the development of the platform

11% will go into the operations and development of the business

10% will be used for further research and development

6% will be keyed into data storage for reliability and data security.

5% will be used for legal protection and whatever legal issues that may arise

2% will be used for the initial PoC


Shivom Roadmap:

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The Shivom team is headed by Dr, Axel  Shumacher, who is also the founder and the CMO,  other principal officers include Sally Eaves, Gourish Singla, Akash Guarav and Henry Ines who are also co-founders of this breakthrough.

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Shivom is definitely going to be a major game changer in the health industry. For more information, please follow up on any of the links below to get updated.

WEBSITE | https://shivom.io/
WHITEPAPER | https://shivom.io/files/Shivom-Executive-Summary.pdf
ANN THREAD | https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2365709 .
FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/ProjectShivom
TWITTER | https://twitter.com/projectshivom

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