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Safein ICO – Blockchain Based Identity Management Platform

With the increased usage of online services in the world today, management of identity online has become a key factor to be put into consideration. This is a major concern as the level of cyber security threat has also greatly increased over the years. This brings the need for a platform where online users can be verified of their true identities. This will give more assurance to online business owners knowing the fact that all visitors to their online businesses can be tracked with respect to their true verified identities. In this light, permit me to introduce you all to Safein Platorm.

Safein platform is a decentralized identity management platform on the basis of blockchain technology. It offers universally verified account for the platform users. Thus, with the Safein Platform, online users can seamlessly verify their true identity and further get access to  any digital / online service provider instantaneously. Safein platform gives the users the opportunity to fully control their data thereby removing the risk of cyber security threats.


It could be very frustrating and tiring if people have to sign up on different websites just so they can make use of the website whereas the same information being asked by a website had already been given out to a previously signed up account. Therefore, Safein with its decentralized nature shall create a universal platform where the identities of people can be verified by saving personal data of platform signed users. This annuls the need to be signing up on different websites just to get information from users.

For Instance, when a user wants to sign up for a specified website/online platform, the user will be presented with two (2) options as shown in the figure below whether to directly sign up afresh or to continue with Safein having already registered with the Safein Platform.


Safein Platform shall be run with Safein Tokens denoted by SFN Tokens with respect to registering into the platform, paying for Safein KYC (know your customer) related services,  and performing other services on the platform thereby growing its userbase as well as attracting more businesses.


The SFN Tokens shall be distributed in the manner as shown in the figure below:



  • V L A DA S J U R K E V I Č I U S

(Business | CEO & Co-Founder)

  • LU K A S D E K S N Y S

(Operations | COO & Co-Founder)

  • A U D R I U S S L A Ž I N S K A S

(Legal | Head of Legal & Co-Founder)


(Marketing and growth)

  • J O N A S T I R E V I Č I U S

(Senior IT Project Manager)

  • B O G DA N K U ŠTA N

(Senior Development Team Lead)

  • V I L I U S S E M Ė N A S

(Business Development)

  • J U STA S B R A Z A U S K A S




Safein is in partnership with the following companies:

  • Zero Knowledge Labs
  • WinWin Solutions
  • Evergrowth.io
  • ZET Technologies
  • UltraPlay



Safein roadmap is shown in figure below:


On this note, I strongly recommend that everyone participates on this ICO (initial coin offering) being offered by Safein by purchasing the SFN Tokens because buying the SFN Tokens after the end of the ICO phase is going to be more expensive being that it would have already been listed at that time.

For more information about Safein, as well as information regarding how to purchase the SFN Tokens, kindly visit the links below:

Safein ANN Threadhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2903156.0
Safein Whitepaperhttps://safein.com/summary/EN/EN_whitepaper_safein.pdf?version=18.6

Safein Websitehttps://www.safein.com

Safein Websitehttps://www.safein.com


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My ETH Address: 0xFC293f2F555FcAFe92487BeD92d8f947FFAdb848

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