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Qompass ICO – A New Solution For Blockchain Financial Markets

Digital currencies have flooded the global financial markets in today’s world. More and more digital currencies have emanated with different functionalities. However, most holders of several digital currencies around the world does not usually have sources of funding should the need arise which ultimately still creates a vacuum on the global financial markets as every financial institution in a system that truly works should be able to offer access to funding where necessary. This fundamentally gave rise to the idea that birthed the Qompass platform.


Qompass is a blockchain based new generation platform offering a wide range of functionalities to crypto-community enthusiasts as well as investors thereby giving the ability for individuals signed onto the platform to be able to get access to funding where the need arises by tapping from the global financial network. Subscribers of Qompass platform can be able to have unlimited access to funds leveraging on up to 100 times the amount that subscribers had previously invested on the platform. For instance, if Mr. A invested 10,000 USD into the platform, he/she shall have a leverage of being eligible to get up to 1,000,000 access to funds which is 100 times his initial investment of 10,000 USD. The Platform is also integrated with technology called the Qompass Trader technology which gives subscribers the functionality to perform currency trades within the platform. Qompass will also give subscribers the ability to be able to convert their cryptocurrency (QPS Tokens) into fiat money by using ATM machines, as well as POS machines across different parts of the world. Holders of Qompass payment cards shall be greatly empowered because it provides them with links to global financial markets as well as different exchanges around the world.

Qompass platform is equipped with an improved data storage and authentication system. Information isn’t saved on the blockchain directly as it could lead to a slower speed of transactions. This is why the Qompass platform is equipped with an integrated cloud system where personal data is stored and authenticated which ultimately conquers the possibility of a slower transaction speed due to memory clogging by assuring a faster speed and better data synchronization between the Qompass platform and the cloud data storage system.


  • Highly secured platform with a security key authentication code for each transaction(s).
  • It is equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) support on smart contracts.
  • Highly cost effective. Therefore, transaction costs are very low.
  • Speed of transactions with the ability to process over 30,000 transactions /seconds.
  • Equipped with drag and drop templates when choosing smart contracts.
  • It provides anonymity which defies the ability of other platform users to track or spy on your transactions.


Token Name: QPS

Platform: Ethereum

ICO Token Price: 1QPS = 0.8 USD

Hard cap: 10 million USD

Soft cap: 5 million USD

Tokens available for sale: 33 million QPS.

Minimum allowable purchase: 10 QPS

Business Unit function: Finance

Acceptable currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum

Company Location: Hong Kong

Link to buy QPS Tokens: https://qompass.io/tokensale

Note that the token sales will be abruptly terminated when 2 million USD cap is achieved.




20% of the funds made from the ICO token sales shall be reserved. 10% lump of the funds recovered from the token sales shall be used for marketing purposes to increase the exposure of the platform. The 70% bulk of the accrued funds from the QPS sales shall be used for full development of the platform.





I strongly recommend everyone to purchase as many QPS tokens as possible during this ongoing ICO as this is a remarkable project every investor should take part in.

For more information, visit any of the following links:





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