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POTENTIAM -Decentralized Music Platform

Continuous advancement in technology has really been playing a major role in the music industry, as regards to music production, distribution, and marketing. But despite this technological changes which have also help reduce recording, production and distribution cost, the industry is still controlled by traditional entities such as record labels and publishers. And this is because most uprising artist despite the talent lacks the platform and finance to push through their talent. As a result, they seek to help hands from record labels and publisher who in turn compels them to sign contracts which eventually makes the artist the ant while the entities(middlemen) the elephant as regards share of proceeds afterward.

But a team of highly experience individuals in the music industry came up with a solution to help break the middlemen transaction chains in the music industries by creating a blockchain based social network platform (POTENTIAM) that gives artists the opportunity to meet and also advertise themselves, manage their content and associated copyrights, connect performers with promoters via the platforms live performance module and aid in distribution via the platforms distribution modules.


                                                           TEAM STORY VISION AND TECHNOLOGY





Potentiam Platform has two tokens (PTM and CLOUT) that serve two different functions. PTM will act as the platform’s backbone and will serve as the medium of exchange for all platform transactions while the secondary token (CLT) will be used for rating and reward.

Potentiam (PTM) PTM is the platform’s ERC20 token and has all the functionality implied therein. Available during presale and ICO, the token will be the currency needed to transact on the various distribution modules associated with Potentiam Core. Token owners will also have the option of staking their tokens in the Potentiam Vault granting special rights within the platform.

CLOUT (CLT) is used only in the rating system (potentiam classic). It is used internally in the platform and will be the currency with which readers reward content they like. Content ratings will determine both how the platform curates the content for readers, i.e. higher ratings will garner more prominence, and determine the share of PTM which is regularly awarded to content creators by the platform.



                                                             POTENTIAM ICO INFORMATION

Crowdsale Details

1 ETH = 4000 PTM

Presale Hard Cap = 5000 ETH

Total Hardcap = 15000 ETH

ALL UNSOLD TOKENS WILL BE BURNED (This will happen in the case of not meeting our cap or in the case of Eth value increasing to the point where the hard cap is met quicker)


Week 1 Cap 3000 Ether = 20%

Week 2 Cap 5000 Ether = 18%


Week 1 Cap 9000 Ether = 12%

Week 2 Cap 12000 Ether = 8%

Week 3 Cap 14000 Ether = 4%

Week 4 Cap 15000 Ether = 0%

Note* Main sale starts two weeks after presale begins or when presale hard cap is reached


Public Crowdsale:  60,000,000 (60%)

Potentiam Team (Locked for 20 months):25,000,000 (25%)

Platform Development Tokens: 11,000,000 (11%)

Bounty Tokens: 3,000,000 (3%)

Reserve Tokens: 1,000,000 (1%)




Reasons why I strongly recommend Potentiam platform is because it gives room to all ( uprising and established artist, music lovers etc.). And the use of a blockchain based social network would also improve transparency, interaction, and oneness in the music world. Below is a  recent brief comparison between POTENTIAM platform and order managing platforms.

Image result for potentiam

for more information and updates click the link below;

Website: https://www.potentiam.io/
Whitepaper  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/73bd45_f697131e1a594059b7e644473e9ea2fa.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/potentiamgroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/potentiam_io?lang=en


Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910183                       etherwallet:0x098D779748464B75ED070A34bdA086baf404f2E2

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