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Payment systems and an entirely new way of transacting sprung up from the birth of the blockchain technology. At first, we didn’t really see it coming, but after the 21st century idea was unraveled, the world is witnessing a major migrations as people are choosing to opt for a more secure and decentralized way of transferring value.

It is still unclear on which coins or tokens will be the game changer, however is definite that cryptocurrency will become an important part of the future that is here to stay.

At the moment, most ancient ways of making payments for services or products are being revolutionized, and with the silent war against fiat currencies, crypto will soon become the new standard.

PECUNIO is one of the most brilliant innovations which will leverage on the blockchain technology to help spread out the cryptocurrency market and help it reach everyone with various interesting and record breaking products and services.

What Is Pecunio’s AIM?

Being an already trusted company that has proven its integrity, PECUNIO is taking advantage of the blockchain technology, and will guarantee very easily comprehensible and safe ways for people to actively become a part of the future of financial markets.

As we can all attest, the financial sector is still not properly represented because of the lack of innovative ideas in the industry, and with the lack of laid down guidelines it is hard to get in contact with very trusted and reliable partners that we can work with due to the fact that cryptocurrency is still in its young years.

PECUNIO is a decentralized investment platform, it helps people completely understand and simplify blockchain investments which are heavily backed and insured bt trusted and transparent companies.

As has been revealed by the official PECUNIO website, the platform will help people convert from one currency to another, with less technicalities and a friendly user experience. AS a matter of fact, one major perk of PECUNIO is that it remains the one and only blockchain investment platform that maintains a free exchange card. This guarantees that users will have a lifetime value of pecunio.


In order to be a part of the PECUNIO Ecosystem, a person will have to register an account on the platform with an active email address, the signee will also choose a desired username and a password. After the fields are filled, a verification email will be sent to the user, Once this email is confirmed, a personal wallet will be created for the registrant, and the person is automatically directed to the PECUNIO dashboard where they can get a comprehensive detail about their PECUNIO account and other holdings.

What Users Can Do With The Pecunio Platform

Once the use has funded his PECUNIO account, it is then his or her decision on what to do with the account.

According to the information on the website, a user can either,

  • Spend their coins through the crypto card
  • Change it into another coin
  • Invest into any of pecunio’s products..


  • Pecunio comes with various benefits, some of which include
  • Access to various crypto markets
  • Simplified registration process
  • Legal security and a trusted platform
  • High end encryption and guaranteed safety through the use of cold storage wallets


In order to guarantee the safety and speed of transactions on the PEUNIO platform, the PCO which is a standard ERC 20 token was introduced.

According to the official whitepaper, the token will be spread out via various distribution channels.

The public will have a 30% share

The employee token pool will have a share of 10% which will be locked for 12 months

The advisory team will have a 5% share, locked for just 3 months

The PCO funding team will be entitled to 20%

The financial backers and early supporters will also be assigned 20%

How To Invest In PCO

The total supply of PCO is 1000,000,000 PCO with a hard cap of $45,000,000 USD.

The token can be purchased using BTC, ETH, and LTC at an exchange rate of 1PCO to $1.5 USD


Information reveals that the crowd sale is already live, the first batch kicked off on the 1st of February up till the 21st of February 2018.

The second batch started on the 19th of March and will end on the 19th of April 2018.

PCO Token Allocation

According to verified information, the allocation of the PCO will be as follows:

20,000,000 will be allocated to PECUNIO founders

20,000,000 will also be allocated to the financial backers

5,000,000 will be granted to advisers and token supporters

10,000,000 will be allocated to the company for the management and strengthening of the platform


The pecunio back end was launched in October 2017 and it is hoped that by December 2018, the company will be worth over $500 million under active management… below is a graphical representation of PECUNIO’s proposed roadmap.


In order to give honor to whom honor is due, it is vital to mention the amazing team that birthed this brilliant innovation. They are

  • Christian Thurner – CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER
  • Heinz Laubert – ANGEL INVESTOR
  • Michael Neuhofer – CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER
  • Melanie Schauer – SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCH
  • Dominik Berger – Chief Marketing Officer
  • OAMA RICHSON – Chief Communication Officer
  • DENIS SKRINNIKOV – Blockchain Media Expert
  • GABRIELE BERNASCONI – Digital PR Manager
  • MATTEO BORMETTI – Head of Influencer Marketing
  • MAURO PRESICCE – Head of Research
  • JITENDRA RATHOD – Content Manager

The Advisors of the PECUNIO project also include

  • DAVID DRAKE – Chairman of LDJ Capital
  • DOUGLAS C. ANDERSON – CEO of Wall Street Capital Partners
  • JIM PREISSLER – CEO of Trade.io
  • PHILLIP NUNN – Entrepreneur, CEO and International Speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech
  • JUSTIN JOVANOVIC – COO of investFeed
  • CHRISTOS STERGIOU – Business Development & Sales Manager Southern Europe
  • STUART ODEN – Top Influencer & PR Expert
  • JAMES VINCE – Cryptography Expert


With what has been revealed so far, it is clear that PECUNIO has made it’s mark, and it will continue to be one of the best and revolutionized way of financing and investing.

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