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Transportation cannot be underestimated in our day to day to lives as it encompasses movement of people, goods and services from one point to another. Individuals in a bid to meet up appointments or attend functions need a means of transportation to convey them to such places.

Automobiles are not a new sight to behold on our roads as they are major mediums by which individuals adopts in meeting up various events. The number of automobiles is increasing on our roads and there is need for the Parking and Transportation industry to be up and doing in its responsibility of providing sufficient parking services for the growing public.

Unfortunately, the Parking and Transportation industry is characterized with an outdated and inefficient structure that poses some challenges to drivers which are listed below.


Loss of Time and Money: this is the biggest problem faced by drivers as a result of the centralized structure which allows for under-utilization of parking spots, drivers are faced with the burden of having to search and overpay for parking spots. This eventually leads to missed appointments, late arrival to work among a host of other factors.

Outdated Systems: cities, companies and garages alike adopt varying software and hardware resulting in lack of cooperation between parking service providers. Many parking spots remain unused. These cities and garages lack modern equipment like IoTs devices, a universal software system and a clear communication network which contributes to congestions on roads as well as irregular prices.

Environmental Issues: a study in U.K. showed that citizens are 64 times likely to die of air pollution as a result of heavy traffic congestion on roads. Reports also have it that tail-pipe emissions are four times higher in situations of traffic gridlock than when traffic flows smoothly. The main reason for traffic congestions is the inability of the existing Parking and Transport service providers to provide real-time information to drivers concerning traffic situations, available parking spots and so on.

Dependency: the existing Parking and Transport system is built to take as much money it can get from drivers. An instance where a driver forgets to renew his/her parking session, they will probably get a fine and also in the instance where the driver forgets to turn off his parking application he/she will still get extra charges from the owner of the parking spots.

Parksen is here to change all this, adopting the disruptive technology of blockchain in connecting drivers to owners of parking spots.

Introducing Parksen

Parksen is created to bring disruption and innovativeness to the Parking and Transportation industry allowing for a more decentralized communication between drivers and parking spots owners.

Parksen will allow for an effective connection between drivers and variety of park spots owners offering the best prices, with the aim of streamlining day-to-day activities of individuals in busy cities.


The platform will provide an application called PARQ which is a fully functional and tested parking app with use cases in the Netherlands since 2015. PARQ will provide drivers and parking spot owners with the following benefits, some of which include:

  • Drivers will get access to a variety of parking spots owners on the blockchain. The platform will allow for the registration of new and existing parking spots by owners, therefore, previously unused parking lots will become functional and available for use by drivers on the platform.
  • Drivers will also be free from overpaying or having charged extra parking price for forgetting to renew their parking session or forgetting to turn off their app. The platform will completely take care of all that as drivers will not have to fear or worry about turning off their parking app or renewing their session.
  • Parking spot owners will manage their available parking spots on the platform through an easy to use dashboard. They will able to add, remove available parking spots, analyze the busiest and least busy roads, advertise their availability and earn PARQ tokens in return for their services.
  • Parking spot owners will also be able to monitor the conduct of drivers in their parking spots i.e. whether the facilities were left in good condition, time spent and so on through a review and survey system on the blockchain.

Final Thought

Parksen boasts of a functional and tested parking application, operational in the Netherlands since 2015 created by its CEO Eddie Postma with years of experience in the parking industry.

PARQ is therefore the tool for connecting drivers with parking spot owners built on blockchain technology. Believe me; you do not want to miss out on this project! Quickly visit the links below for more information about the project and it’s ICO;





Bitcoin forum name: mordic

Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2318611




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