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Having grown up in a country like Ghana where there’s almost nothing produced in the country, many of us have resorted to online purchasing activities in order to get good quality products, or even as a side business to make ends meet, but we’ve suffered quite a lot of limitations.  over 50% of us buy from e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Aliexpress and the rest you can think of. Most of us have been scammed by some sellers on these platforms. Few years back after my graduation from the university I went into the importation of Jewelries which I had to quit after one year because of the fact that most of the ecommerce platforms I used where not secured and they don’t have a way of regulating sellers on those platforms from selling fake products, in fact let me simply put, they were not transparent.

In one of my transactions, I bought about 20 units of gold necklace and after it was shipped to me, I discovered that the necklace were not gold and I made a complain to the ecommerce platform to see if I could get a refund and the seller sanctioned but none of this has been done till date. It was really frustrating for fresh graduate trying to start up a business on importation. Believe me the experience could not have being if there was a transparent platform that could help in checkmating such occurrences but thank goodness for OMNITUDE which is a new platform designed to address all major forms of fraud being carried out on ecommerce platforms by using the blochain technology.

With the OMNITUDE solution, buyers can comfortably buy things from ecommerce platforms with the assurance that the exact stuff they bought will be delivered to them. The OMNITUDE team has plan this platform in such a way that every user of the platform will have a single identity on the blockchain. Also the OMNITUDE platform will use staged release of payment method in remitting funds to sellers based on stage of delivery; this will help in the drastic reduction of merchant fund such as the one I experienced.

OMNITUDE has a token known as ECOM which will be a means of payment on the platform and the token sale is ongoing. Below are the details of the ICO and the token sale:

I will strongly you to join us in this movement to make the usage of ecommerce platform transparent and fraud free.

For more information please visit:


Authored By: babilon
Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2075694
ERC 20 Address: 0x36ace244046f8E8576F9378bfFf73036B6C790dd
Telegram: vocalbabilon


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