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About The Project

Image result for movitoken reviewMoviToken (MOV) is a project run by Southern Meridian, LLc. It is an ERC20+ VERIFIED community cryptocurrency the independent film community worldwide. It is registered under the three letter acronym (TLA)  “MOV”. The MoviToken project was conceived by Christopher Compton a film veteran of thirteen years whose latest feature movie Strait & Narrow is being released on VOD and DVD globally at the moment.


MoviToken’s Mission

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MoviToken’s cryptocurrency goal is to make the days of “deferred” and “low/no pay” agreements within the film community, a thing of the past. Producers can remunerate crew and talent in MoviTokens, where fiat cash is unavailable or limited. In essence, they can finance the movies on the Ethereum Blockchain. Cast/Crew can change the MoviTokens for Ethereum (ETH) later, and then from ETH to US Dollars, BTC or any other altcoin, fiat currency or token by making use of various dApps and exchanges that interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

The Blockchain Advantage

MoviToken is a blockchain tradeable complementary currency that’s designed to be used within the independent film community for the purpose of film, web series, TV, documentary productions and so on. MoviToken can be used alongside or together with any fiat currency in the world where it is legal to use such complementary currency.

The Problems Of The Film Industry

In the film production environment of today, demands from distributors, viewers and studios continue to rise, while budgets are tightening.

In the early 2000s, there were three categories of movies being made in Hollywood: 1) genre and specialty films made by true indie producers and studios, 2) big-budget blockbusters and 3) art films, specialty films and niche-market films produced by conglomerate-owned Indies. The first category constitutes over half the features released in the United States and typically cost between $5-10 million to produce.

The average budget for a dramatic feature film in 2017 according to the Sundance Institute was $1 million, for documentary features, it was $400,000. (Budget figures based on interviews with sales agents and producers by Sundance).

The True Reality

In reality, there is reduced dollars available for everyone, which means many financially constrained members of the industry seldom have a chance to compete for a career- some will never have a career, leaving the industry after years without success. Those that have great ambition; actors, crew and filmmakers chase after these dreams with their own money, financing their personal careers by making sacrifices that sometimes means overlooking payment for their services. A lot of filmmakers world over produce features for less than $10,000 just to “put something out there”. No single person gets remunerated, every penny goes into the production.

MoviToken intends to revolutionize independent film production by placing it on Ethereum blockchain. There are lots of creative and talented voices across the globe who have now been provided with a good opportunity to have a career in the film industry, simply by utilizing the use of MoviToken on their projects and accepting it for their services.

Some Facts You Should Know

13,468 projects were submitted to the largest film festival in the world, the Sundance Film Festival in the year 2018, employing approximately 390,100 people and generating financial investment worth $2.26 billion globally. It is worthy of note that these numbers only cover the 13,468 projects put forward for the 2018 Sundance festival from around the world.

It was stated by the Motion Picture Association of Amercica (MPAA) in 2016 that the global box office for all released movies in each country across the world reached $38.6 billion, an increase of one percent from 2015. U.S/Canada box office at $11.4 billion grew by two percent. The international box office, however, held steady at $27.2 billion when compared to 2015. Just as in 2015, the international box office made up 71% of total box office in 2016. There was a 14% increase in the international box office in U.S. dollars when compared to 5 years ago. In the same time period, the global box office has increased by 11 percent. These numbers, it should be noted represent theatrical box office releases.


The Usage Of MoviToken

MoviToken (MOVI) trading empowers the independent film community by enabling producers to utilize a community currency on projects with cash constraints


How Can We Achieve This?

  • Paying crew and cast with MoviToken
  • Crowdfund solely with Movitoken and then trade on exchange
  • Accept MoviToken payment for services
  • Make use of MoviToken with investors, keeping accountability on the blockchain.
  • Producers can even ask for payment from distributors in MoviToken, fostering freedom to trade on the open market and to maximize profit further, potentially.


Why Is Movitoken A Superior Choice?

  • MoviToken use stops cash leaving the community thereby increasing vitality
  • MoviToken use makes sure that money circulates locally within all movie communities worldwide, that is, each village, town, city etc. that is home to a film scene.
  • MoviToken use encourages creativity and resourcefulness within the community, developing potentials and skills.
  • Movitoken is totally inclusive, allows everyone irrespective of status to contribute to and integrate with the indie movie community.
  • MoviToken is currently trading today on the following exchanges: erc20.exchange and rektex.github.io, idex.market, ethex.market, and forkdelta.github.io
  • MoviToken can additionally be sold and bought through easytrade.io

MoviToken symbol: MOVI MoviToken contract: 0x623B925b0A57a24EA8dE301F2E3E692cE903f0c3


The Roadmap! Future Accomplishments Of This Project

MoviToken being a community currency for the independent film community must be easily exchangeable to encourage adoption within the indie film community.

The following should not be taken as a complete MoviToken roadmap

Q2 2018

  • MoviToken will collaborate with Bancor for continuous liquidity. This can singly increase trust and use amongst the indie film community.
  • An announcement will be made on the first production studio to take up MoviToken

Q3 2018

  • An announcement will be made on the first feature film to be produced with MoviToken
  • MoviToken will collaborate with a crowdfunding platform to aid filmmakers with fundraising for their projects.
  • The first MoviToken funded feature film will begin production

Q4 2018

  • By Q4 2018, MoviToken should be enlisted on more than one major exchange and taken up by several dApps. MoviToken is working currently on getting enlisted by ETHlend’s lending platform and Komodo’s BarterDEX


The first MoviToken funded feature film will be released


The first of many case studies on the use of MoviToken will be publicly released by Southern Meridian, LLC. An independent research firm will provide data and findings. (The exact date depends highly on distribution schedule).


Other Things You Should Know

Associated Securities

Be advised, selling, buying or trading MoviToken does not confer ownership or a stake in Southern Meridian, LLC, the MoviToken project, or films produced with MoviToken, therefore Southern Meridian, LLC is NOT selling securities, shares, stocks, or any other form of “security” as defined by the The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.


When does MoviToken become a security?

Producers/Filmmakers may, without Southern Meridian, LLC and the MoviToken team, proposition investors with their film projects to raise resources in MoviToken. If so, any investment would be subject to an investor agreement, and any MoviTokens exchanged would become a security. Producers should note the securities and exchange rules and regulations of their territory or jurisdiction before dealing with investors.


The Limitations Of A Producer

Currently, MoviToken (MOVI) does NOT replace payment method for union members as specified by Unions such as WGA, SAG, , PGA, DGA IATSE, et al.


Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Southern Meridian, LLC: 250,000,000 TBA Production Studio: 250,000,000 Market: 500,000,000


Other Disclosures

Southern Meridian, LLC, the MoviToken team, and their employees and associates cannot aid any investor, filmmaker, producer, actor or any other person with the production, development, investment or otherwise make a decision pertaining to any external film project.

Southern Meridian, LLC is a holdings company and is not involved in film production or market investment/strategy in any capacity. The MoviToken team has built a community cryptocurrency and coordinates that cryptocurrency project. The MoviToken team is not involved in film production in any capacity. The MoviToken team cannot and will not advise on any cryptocurrency investment.

Christopher Compton, creator of the MoviToken project, is an equity partner and CEO of Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC, an independent film production company. He is a writer, director and producer of projects produced within the Fifth Floor Pictures studio system.



This document may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. In some cases you can identify forward-looking statements by terms such as “will,” “should,” “may,” “intend,” “would,” “could,” “expects,” “estimate,” “believe,”  or the negative of these terms, and similar expressions. These forward-looking statements reflect our current views with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and are subject to uncertainties.

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Accessing funds to produce a feature film, web series, TV pilot, an award winning short film, profound documentary etc. is becoming more and more strenuous. MoviToken aims to revolutionize and reform this process for all filmmakers by providing a continuously liquid alternative currency at hand.

MoviToken can allow new names and faces to succeed in a very centralized, closed industry. Where cash is scarce, MoviToken can promote stronger content, providing viewers and distributors with improved, higher quality options, because talented people can finally be provided an opportunity.

Independent filmmakers have been the benefactors of many revolutionizing changes in recent history, with the adoption of HD and Digital filmmaking overtaking film/celluloid as the preferred medium, affordable camera gear being brought to the masses. Platforms such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have changed the game for independent filmmaking by bringing crowdfunding to the table. Now, MoviToken affords independent filmmakers and aspiring actors and cinematographers the chance to produce the content they’ve dreamed of. MoviToken is opportunity.

For more information, please visit any of the following links below:

Situs website: http://movitoken.com

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