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It is not uncommon to see vast majority of people across various continents watching movies, either in their private homes or in cinema. The themes of these movies vary, cutting across comedy, romance and even highly exceptional ones. Little do we know of what producers endure to bring a single movie to live. To be frank, the financial implication of staging a film is on the high side,  meanwhile, the fee varies with the type of the film. The much bigger and exceptional films require more financial commitment. More often than not, films focusing around genre and specialty cost around $5million and $10million to stage.


In 2017,The Sundace Institute recently conducted an interview and found that the cost of a dramatic feature was at an average of $1million while that of documentary costs $400,000. With the advent of the current global economic meltdown, one can only imagine the cost. The open secret about this is that there is paucity of fund everywhere. It is an indication that the film industry is filled with talents who have been crippled due to lack of funds. Consequently, a lot of film makers in a view of becoming relevant in the industry fund the project of film production from their personal pocket, and nobody get paid for their efforts. Their sole aim becomes to simply satisfy the viewers out there.


The participants in the film, including the actors and other members of the crew have no option but to eke out their meager amount to finance their profession. What a sorry and insalubrious situation. Taking a leaf from the world’s most renowned film festival, the Sunance film festival in 2018, the statistics of submitted projects was put at around 13,468 and roughly 390,000 talents were employed. To cost of producing such a huge festival of this nature was put at $2.29 billion USD. To cap it all, accessing funds for the production of films across various themes, be it TV pilots, feature films, web series or even short films is becoming tougher with the passage of time. To put an end to the series of challenges, an highly-talented icon, Christopher Compton who is an astute film veteran for 13 years, writer, producer and also a director. He was the brain behind the nobel concept referred to as MOVITOKEN.

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The mandate of Movitoken is to assist newbies to succeed in the dynamic, centralized and competitive industry. With Movitoken, the various players in the film industry, namely producers, film makers and even aspiring talents can successfully bring to existence the content they have always dreamt of. Essentially, the Movitoken serves as a community which affords producers the opportunity to pay their crew members in a unique currency, MoviTokens in situations where the fiat cash is either unavailable or limited, thus, financing movies on the Ethereum Blockchain making the excuses of low pay, no pay and deferred promises a bygone. This also goes further to explain that in cases where cash is absent; Movitoken can stand in to actualize and build more effective content, providing distributors and viewers with more robust quality options.



Producers have to pay the cast and cres with the unique MoviToken which is then exchange for Ethereum (ETH), and subsequently to the USD, BTC or other available altcoin, token or fiat currency by making use of various exchanges and Apps that work harmoniously with the Ethereum Blockchain. Additionally, services rendered by producers can be paid off using the Movitoken. Crowdfunding is obnly made possible on Movitoken and then trade on exchange. Thereafter, the Movitoken can be used with investors, ensuring accountability on the blockchain. The request for payment can be made by producers from the distributors in Movitoken therby easing the liberty to open market trade in a view to increase more profits.



Movitoken has the benefit of ensuring flow of money within the universal film community.


It helps to solve the problem of trust and support within the indie film parlance.


The Movitoken ensures that cash is held within the community and so vitality is maintained.


The Movitoken is comprehensive in nature, and carries everyone along without discriminating on the basis of status, so everyone can contribute to the indie film community.


Movitoken ensures innovation and productivity within the community boosting acumen and prowess.




For the purpose of this platform, the Movitoken is called MOV. The MOV is a registered name in the Parity registry and it present on the standard of ETHEREUM ERC20 token, a confirmed digital currency for the global independent film community. The purpose of the Movitoken is to serve as a utility token meant for the purpose of web series, documentary, TV, film, among others, as well as productions within the confines of the community of film production. It has the advantage of being utilized alongside with or as an option to any fiat universal currency in places where the use of such alternative holds a legal backing. At the moment, the Movitoken is traded on  index.market, ethex.market, forkdelta.gitub.io, erc.20.exchange and rektex.gitub.io. on easytrade.io, Movitoken can as well be purchased and sold.



Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Southern meridian LLC: 250,000,000

TBA Production studio: 250,000,000

Market : 5000,000,000



Q2 2018- Movitoken is expected to collaborate with Bancour for continuous liquidity. With this, trust and efficiency is built within the indie film community. It is expected that the first the first production studio to key into the use of Movitoken will be publicized.


Q3 2018- In the nearest future, the first feature film to be produced using Movitoken will also be publicized. Partnership will be established between Movitoken and a crownfunding platform with a view of providing aid to filmmakers in fund raising for their projects. Production is to commence on the first Movitoken funded film (Late Q3).


Q4 2018- Expctedly, by          Q4 2018, the name Movitoken is to appear on more than 1 major exchange and used by several dApps. Work is ongoing to list Movitoken on Komodo’s BarterDEX and ETHlend’s Lending Platform.


2019- The launching of the pioneer Movitoken funded feature film.


2020-2022- The pioneer multiple case studies on the administration of Movitoken  to give birth to a motion picture is to be made available to the public by Southern Meridian, LLC. The data and findings is to be provided by an independent research industry. (The particular date depends to a large extent on distribution schedule).


It is the objective of Movitoken to bring about a renaissance for all filmmaker through spontaneous evolution of an alternative currency to the platform. Opportunity exists in Movitoken. For ample information, please endeavor to visit the website and follow up on any of our social media below:


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