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MONETO: Get Instant Loans Secured With Bitcoins

Even a rich man can go broke some times, not because he’s  no longer rich, but because he’s probably unable to have access to his wealth.

Sometime in high school, I had a major accident that put me in an unfriendly situation. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere with just a mobile phone and almost no one to call. Now, although I didn’t have any physical cash on me at the time, I had so much asset that I could have leveraged on, in order to help myself out of the situation I was in, but there was no way to temporarily liquidate any of it.

Considering such horrific experience, anyone who has been in a similar situation will gladly appreciate the emergence of MONETO, a 21st century innovation that will have the backs of major bitcoin owners.

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MONETO is a life saving alternative that will give bitcoin owners, the ability to quickly gain access to loans in as less time as possible, in order to meet up with their urgent needs.

How Exactly Does Moneto Work?

Let’s take an instance, If I had about $10,000 worth of BTC, and I needed some amount of money to meet up with an urgent issue, I will reach out to the MONETO community, who will make me an offer. In some way, it’s just like the old fashioned trade by batter, but this time, with the power of a 21st century technology.

After an offer is made, I will have to temporarily part with some amount of bitcoin in order to receive the needed cash, but that doesn’t mean I have sold my bitcoins out.

After a while, usually a stipulated number of days, I can however, return back to the community, to buy back my bitcoins at the same rate at which I sold it out.

This means that if I had struck a deal with the MONETO community when bitcoin was worth $7,000 per coin, even if I return within x days later and bitcoin has soared to $12,000 per coin, I will still be able to buy back my BTC at the $7,000 which I gave it out for. Nevertheless, there’s a little fee attached though, but that’s a negligible amount.

Now think about this, what if there’s a crash in the price of bitcoin? Such that you would not want to buy back your BTC at the rate of $4,000 per coin after you had already given it out at $7,000. As a matter of fact, buying it back will be a major loss for you. You do not need to worry. MONETO gives you the freewill to move on because all transactions have no strings attached to them.

MONETO is a brainchild of Andrew Grishchenko and Michail Gabov, two major idealists who have gained major experience in international trades.

There are no details at the moment regarding the ICO launch, however, the private sale is already ongoing and it’s going to be very much beneficial to people like me and other business oriented folks who will take advantage of the bonuses allocated to the early birds.

The ecosystem of the MONETO platform will be hinged on MONETO’s own utility token which is recognized as MTO. The MTO will have a maximum token supply of 3,950,000. Out of these, only 3,000,000 tokens will be available for public sales.

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If you want to get more information about this project, feel free to visit any of the following links below:

Bitcointalk thread: BITCOINTALK THREAD

Announcement: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cxumGhwvKKoMh_CPTZ9NbciyXYD7wudj

Official Website:  WEBSITE

Twitter Profile:  TWITTER

Medium:  MEDIUM

Telegram: TELEGRAM

Whitepaper:  WHITE PAPER

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