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MobileBridge Momentum ICO – Blockchain Based Loyalty and Marketing Platform

With the increased level of online businesses, there has been a proportional increase in the reward of loyal customers by various companies. More companies are now rewarding their loyal customers, brand promoters and supporters with cryptocurrency tokens using blockchain technology. However, getting the right platform for such operations could be very hectic for companies as the credibility of most platforms are somewhat questionable. This birthed the need for me to write this article for my viewers to know the best platform currently on the crypto market that offers the most reliable and credible rewarding and marketing solutions to companies. Without further ado, I present to you MobileBridge Momentum platform.

MobileBridge Momentum platform is the number one, and among the most reliable cryptocurrency based automated marketing platform which uses its highly advanced blockchain integrated technology to provide customer-rewarding solutions to companies.

What Momentum Token Will Be Used For?

Since momentum is a utility token, it shall be used for the following:

  • It will be used as an encrypted and decentralized cryptocurrency which holds value and ultimately used for performing transfers amongst peers.
  • It will also be used as a loyalty and reward token for rewarding users for their esteemed transactions, brand promotion, and patronage.
  • It shall be used as a gateway token for converting rewarded momentum tokens to other crytocurrencies or digital currencies.
  • It will serve as a crypto legal tender. Therefore users who make use of MobileBridge momentum platform will make payments for services using the momentum tokens.


Reasons Why You Need To Choose MobileBride Momentum?

The official token for all transactions performed on MobileBridge platform shall be exclusively the momentum token. However, the value of the momentum token shall be dependent on the rate at which users makes use of the token thereby increasing the demand. The platform token stability is therefore controlled by the law of demand and supply. In other words, the higher the usage of momentum token for transactions on the platform, the higher the demand and value of the token. This is because:

  • Valuable company brand promoters or customers shall be rewarded directly on the platform using the momentum tokens, rather than using third party marketing agencies.
  • MobileBridge platform is a reward based sales/marketing system which portends to disrupt the crypto-market.
  • Customers who had previously been rewarded for their loyalty, but for some reasons were unable to use their loyalty reward points; can actually transform their loyalty points into valued currencies on the platform thereby increasing their support.
  • MobileBridge Momentum Platform permits the introduction of 1000’s of individual reward programs, all facilitated by MobileBridge Momentum Token.
  • Loyalty platforms can be converted to reward based systems using MobileBridge momentum platform.
  • Experts within the crypto community who are technical authorities in areas of marketing, software, as well as retailing strongly believe in MobileBridge momentum vision.
  • MobileBridge momentum platform project team comprises of highly experienced industry professionals and have created global top-notch digital solutions for various companies.


My Advice to you?

I strongly recommend MobileBridge Momentum to everyone as this is the best opportunity you can find out there considering the solutions being offered. Hurry now and purchase MobileBridge tokens now that the tokens are still available for sale.


For more information about MobileBridge momentum, visit the following links:



Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2943654





My bitcointalk username is: osede01

My bitcointalk profile URL is: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1988741


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