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MIRA: Welcome To Cryptocurrency’s Easy Life

Just last year, a friend told me about how he was raking in over $1k daily, trading various types of cryptocurrencies, and taking advantage of the market forces. He didn’t tell me quite a lot, I suspected he wanted to make some money off me, so I went all out, thinking I had gotten enough information to start trading.

How I wish I knew better.

I signed up on a couple of exchanger sites that looked so complex. I thought I knew what was happening but by the time my trades and exchanges went through, everything was red already. Needless to say, I lost my complete capital, and I’ve not spoken a word about that experience ever again.

Having looked through again, in my search for true knowledge and better understanding, I have just discovered a better P2P crypto exchanging platform that is as easy as A B C for anyone to understand.

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The MiraLab is an innovative brainchild that will be financed by crypto oriented people, many of which are already rooted in the crypto exchange industry.

MiraLab is currently being transformed to be much more than an ordinary exchanger platform, It is evolving into 1 100% full fledged Mira software suite.

For those who want to know more, Mira is a very simplistic way of exchanging, storing and even carrying out cryptocurrency transfers from various wallet types to others.

Mira runs on a reliable framework that completely waters t=down the processes involved in the crypto trading industry.

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According to the Mira Team, about 3 distinctive containers are currently being developed. They are The Mira NominalBox, the Mira Multibox, and the Mira SmartBox.

 Information on the Mira website reveals that the project will be capped at about 30.77 million Mira tokens.

For those who will be very much interested in signing up during the ICO, about 100 free Miraboxes will be given out to each participant who purchases mira tokens worth over$5,000. There will also be 500 free Miraboxes to be given out free to all ICO participants that key into the Mira vision and purchase tokens worth over $100,000.

We definitely cannot play dumb to the current wave of crypto currency all over the world, therefore, in order to help people understand exactly how it works, it is important that we take the lead, Through Mira, to educate people and help them know the simple things like how to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, how to store their coins online and even protect them from theft.

The Mira road map has been on already, the Pre-ICO kicked off in November 2017 and the ICO is scheduled to kick off fully this April.

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For those like me who will want to key in immediately, the volume of Mira to be released for sale during the ICO stage will be 24,000,000 MIRA, however, there will be a soft cap of $5,000,000 in view of the pre-ico stage. The hard cap will remain at $20,000,000.

There will be lots of bonuses attached to this project, and it is definitely going to be a success. I will advise everyone to key in, irrespective of what their budget is, Don’t lose up on this opportunity.

For more information, you can visit the Mira official website here: https://miralab.io/

You can also download the whitepaper here: https://miralab.io/Mira_WhitePaper_EN.pdf?_ga=2.101779841.10899313.1522448574-1749460591.1522448574

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMiraLab/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialMiraLab

Telegram: https://t.me/mirachat

This post is authored by Bitcointalk user: Vocalwalls

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