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LocalCoinSwap –  Decentralized Crypto Marketplace (Accepts All Cryptocurrencies)

Since the existence of Bitcoin in 2008, there has been an up-surge in the invention of other cryptocurrencies of which most of them have been doing great on the cryto-market. However, there is a teaming challenge in the crypto market with respect to synergizing all cryptocurrencies together to allow for easy exchanges no matter the cryptocurrencies. The backdrop experienced by the crypto-community is that most holders of cryptocurrencies cannot actually perform transactions using their crypto currency on a different  crypto currency enabled platform which limits the usage and functionality of a specified cryptocurrency. Imagine a scenario where an investor purchases huge amounts of tokens from a cryptocurrency company but for some reasons needs to makes use of another platform for specific transactions but is unable to do so simply because the other platform does not recognize his / her crytpocurrency. This could be very annoying as potential investors might feel there’s a massive gap within the industry that needs to be filled and as such might not want to invest on the crypto market. Just two (2) months ago, I stumbled on an online solution service provider and wanted to perform a transaction but couldn’t simply because the website only accepts bitcoin payment out of all the cryptocurrencies out there. I felt bad because I had tokens of other cryptocurrencies but was still stranded. The aforementioned challenges that are plaguing the crypto community is one of the reasons that birthed the need for LocalCoinSwap to embark on a project poised to set up a platform that will create solutions to the challenges facing global crypto community. One of the goals of LocalCoinSwap platform is to be a global solution service provider with respect to crytocurrency based transactions thereby giving every holder of a particular kind of cryptocurrency the opportunity and platform to thrive with respect to performing trades as well as making crypto exchanges. The benefits of blockchain technology can never be over emphasized as it gives the crypto currency community a broader spectrum to thrive. LocalCoinSwap is also leveraging on the strengths of blockchain technology to ensure effective deliverability of this project objective.

Summary of LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap is a blockchain based decentralized marketplace where sellers and buyers of digital currencies can directly perform trades by making use of any available cryptocurrency. LocalCoinSwap platform will enable users to be able to perform fast, easy, and efficient trades as well as being able to exchange different crytocurrencies withn the platform without the need to bother about delayed transactions usually caused by unnecessary verification processes.

As we all know, a critical part of any exchange platform is the efficacy of its escrow system. Based on this, LocalCoinSwap project team have taken critical steps by taking this fact into keen cognizance thereby integrating the platform with advanced escrow secured framework poised towards solving trust issues common in peer-to-peer trading platforms. With the planned methodology of LocalCoinSwap platform implementation, the crypto-market will indeed witness a massive up-turn which will ultimately encourage new investors/individuals to start trading on the crypto market.

As part of LocalCoinSwap platform building project implementation plan, the team have decided to perform token sales to raise funds thereby fast tracking the development of the platform as well as also ensuring that the platform will be able to support as many cryptocurrencies as possible on release / launch of LocalCoinswap platform.

Token & ICO

ICO Starts: March 15th 2018

ICO Ends: June 15th 2018

Token Ticker: LCS

Platform: Ethereum

ICO Price: 1 LCS = 0.4 USD

Least Accepted Investment: 0.1 ETH

LocalCoinSwap Website: www.localcoinswap.com

Business Category:  Trades & Investment

Soft cap: 500 thousand USD

Total Token Supply: 100 million

Countries Restricted from Participating: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan,

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, Fiat, USD, AUD, NZD, CAD, USDT, etc.

Hard cap: 20 million USD

Country: Hong Kong

Token Distribution

Benefits of LocalCoinSwap Platform

  • You do not need bank accounts to make exchanges.
  • No verification process is required.
  • You can perform as many trades as possible on the platform devoid of restrictions.
  • Full access to decentralized exchanges which means holders of cryptoshare will have complete rights to get trade profits from the LocalCoinSwap exchange.
  • Holders of Cryptoshare will receive airdrops of fresh ICO tokens listed on the platform (LocalCoinSwap).
  • Access to an entire portfolio from holding a single asset
  • Cryptoshare holders could receive profits in all of the cryptocurrencies traded on the platform, as well as having an income stream spread across a total portfolio of digital asset(s).
  • Ability to be informed of new ICO tokens listing on LocalCoinSWap platform.
  • Those whe trade using unpopular digital currencies can trade on LocalCoinSwap platform as the platform gives the leverage for multi-digital currency
  • You can perform transactions anonymously without the need for personal verifications unlike most exchange platforms.
  • LocalCoinSwap platform’s integrated Escrow system, users will have the opportunity to enjoy effective communication between buyers and sellers.
  • Transactions can be done very fast because of the non-verification functionality of LocalCoinSwap platform.
  • Signed members of LocalCoinSwap platform shall enjoy free market trading as direct access between sellers and buyers will be possible with the utilization of blockchain P2P (Peer-to-Peer) functionality.
  • Users may enjoy profits made by the platform thereby distributing tokens to token holders in the most transparent manner.
  • Platform users will be able to perform trades without the need for any fee payment offered to third party trading agencies.
  • LocalCoinSwap offers more payment options than other P2P crypto exchange platforms.






Considering all the benefits that LocalCoiSwap brings to the crypt0 community, I strongly recommend everyone to purchase as many LCS tokens as possible during this ongoing ICO as all unsold LCS tokens shall be destroyed after the ICO sales which ultimately means that only holders of LCS tokens shall have the privilege to make transactions on the platform as well as having the possibility to re-sell to intending buyers at a much higher cost.

For more information about LocalCoinSwap and how purchases of her LCS tokens can be made, kindly visit any of the links below:


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