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LIBERDY! Be Your Own Boss With Your Data

Just recently, I had written about how dissatisfied I was with the way I was getting bombarded in my email. Every time I searched for something using any of the major search engines online, I would often get tons of emails about very similar products. Although, initially, it seemed like it was all to my advantage until I suddenly realized, WAS I BEING WATCHED?

Most companies seem to be giving online users numerous freebies that are actually worth nothing, then in another hand, they take advantage of these users by selling the data and information generated from a specific user, to the highest bidder. At the end of the day, the user is left to hang high and dry.

We all can definitely agree that it is imperative for users to become major stakeholders in the decisions that affect how their information is being used, and that’s what LIBERDY is about to do.

LIBERDY is a 21st century innovation that is completely user-oriented.  It is a system that takes advantage of the benefits that have been made available by the blockchain technology the existing GDPR  regulations, in order to give users a say in the ways that their data is being managed.

LIBERDY is committed to giving people as much rights as making them partners in the online advertising industry, consequently, building a long term relationship in the advertising ecosystem.

In order to achieve their goal, LIBERDY will be focusing on three major aspects of that affect the online advertising industry, these include:

Providing and Influential Service:

Liberdy does not just want to provide a user’s information, they want to do this with the users consent, to provide the information of the user, to the advertiser that matters. As a matter of fact, a user will not be getting spammed by unrelated advertizers.

Guaranteed And Reliable Data

Liberdy wants to also serve the advertizers well by giving them the most accurate data that will help them generate leads.

Last week, during an email marketing campaign for one of my clients, I had sent an email blast to over 5000 people who loved cars, unfortunately, the email campaign was for real estate. How do you think that turned out? A lot of persons unsubscribed because they were not interested in real estate investments. It was a bad campaign. Think about sending an email campaign about dog food to people who have dogs. YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE!

LIBERTY wants to give out the needed data that will be an exact match for the advertizers. But before that, the data must be accurate and completely verified. This is truly what matters.

Distribute the Proceeds

Just as these data are sold for the benefit of the advertizers, the users who also have a major share in the data which they have shared with already existing platforms like facebook and google will be very much rewarded.

This is what we need, an ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to both information providers, and advertizers.

In order to power the LIBERDY economy, the LIBERDY utility token was introduced. This token which is recognized as the LIB will be used by the advertizers to purchase their laser targeted audience. More so, the users who also share their information on the LIBERDY platform will also be rewarded via the LIB utility token.

According to information on the LIBERDY official website, the maximum supply of tokens for the LIB will be capped at 300m tokens.

Image result for liberdy ico

Personally,  I’ve filled over a thousand forms online, and I have authorized thousands of apps to grant them permission to my facebook, twitter or even google accounts, but I have never received a dime. I will personally love to be a user on the LIBERDY platform, and a Major Investor in this 21st century innovation.

For those who have spotted the unique opportunity that’s presented by the LIBERDY innovation, I will encourage you to get on board, and join the community. You may visit their official website on LIBERDY.IO to sign up and get notified, so you can join the early birds and get your tokens.

For more details, please visit any of the official links below:

Official website:  Website

Facebook:  Facebook

Twitter:  Twitter

Telegram: Telegram

Reddit: Reddit

Medium:  Medium

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