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Thousands of freelancers who have worked on existing freelancing platforms will agree with me when I say that there’s almost no security on freelancing platforms. Irrespective of whatever their Terms and Conditions state, and how diligently you try to obey all the rules, many of these platforms make up a bias judgment during dispute management just in order to retain the commitment of the buyers.

Being a freelancer, I’ve often had completed transactions cancels without any reward for my effort just because a cunny user wanted to eat his cake and still keep it.

What about the massive commissions that we always have to pay? It’s sickening that freelancers have to go through a lot, even in a system that will not have existed without them.

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LanceChain is a brand new innovative technology, that leverages on the power of a decentralized marketplace for freelancers and people who need help with their projects. The LanceChain platform is a game changer, it makes it possible for project owners to hire freelancers with zero commission and lesser authority.

Unlike other platforms, LanceChain will be taking out the middle-man business in the freelancing industry so that freelancers can make the best use of their profits without having to split up a second percent to the platforms.

LanceChain will be a freelancing marketplace platform that is focused towards getting people connected with their ideal matches. That is, those who need a service will be able to meet the best brains that can deliver professional services.

LanceChain will be leveraging on the already existing blockchain concept in order to guarantee a very cost effective  yet secure and transparent marketplace.

The LanceChain platform will be particularly ideal because of some key features which will be involved in the management of the platform, these include:

The Presence Of Talent Recognition Experts:

Those who invest into the LanceChain opportunity, and own LANC tokens will have the privilege to take advantage of the available knowledge they possess, in order to completely evaluate the skills of available freelancers, thus making it easier to choose those freelancers that will be listed in the top talent category/pool

Expert Dispute Settlement Members:

Those who hold LANC tokens will also be qualified to choose a community of members who will be duly capable of professionally settling disputes adequately and transparently.

The members who will be a part of the talent recognition team and the dispute settlement community will also be rewarded for their efforts as they will receive some LANC tokens as rewards for their efforts.

In order to support the early adopters, and to demonstrate to them, the top-notch level of the customer relations program on LanceChain, the LanceChain team have decided to allocate a total of 10% out of the total LANC token supply, as incentives to help motivate and support the early birds on the LanceChain platform.

In order to further motivate the owners of LANC tokens, the team will further offer the PLUS and PREMIUM plans at breathtaking and subsidized rates to members who have LANC tokens worth up to a certain amount/threshold.

Those who want to benefit from the discounted subscriptions will however, have owned or held the LANC tokens for a period of at least, one month. And if in anyway, the number of owned LANC tokens reduces, then there may be consequential fall backs.

According to the whitepaper, the LanceChain platform will be implementing it’s own database, this is most likely because it is not advised to store very large amount of information on the already existing blockchain technology platform. From experience, the blockchain data storage capability is not only overtly expensive, but can also be inefficient in most cases.

With respect to the security of payments on the LanceChain platform, the team will ensure that all fairly deserved income belonging to the freelancers will be efficiently disbursed to them, in a timely fashion, irrespective of the manner in which the job was charged, whether on a fixed price basis, or on a hourly charge.

Some other interesting features on the LanceChain platform that will be applicable to freelancers will include

The ability to work from anywhere, remotely, on various interesting projects that are available to the freelancer.

The platform also make it that all payments to freelancers are guaranteed, irrespective of whether they worked on a fixed rate job or an hourly rated job.

Members who are in need of freelancers with specific skills and experience can also post a job in order to invite experience freelancers to apply for the opening.

In order to power the LanceChain platform, the LANC token will be a major component that will help to support the Lancechain ecosystem. It will be the driving force token that will help guarantee an easy and zero-commission transfer fee for various account holders.  The symbol for the token is recognized as LANC and it will run on an ethereum based platform with an ERC-20 based token standard interface.

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The total supply of the LANC will also be capped at 96,800,000 tokens.

For more information, you may visit the LanceChain official website through: https://lancechain.com

You may also download the LANC whitepaper here: https://lancechain.com/whitepaper

Other relevant information can be obtained by following the LanceChain communities or threads below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lancechainofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lancechain

Announcement thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2935769.0

Telegram: https://t.me/lancechain

Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2938018.0

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