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One of the most intriguing industries that has proven itself over time is the gaming industry. The ability to choose to be a superhero or a villain is one which humans love. All that adrenaline pumping and the fear of having to start all over if one loses a tournament. The excitement of the gaming industry cannot be over-emphasized.

As a kid, there were times I never went to school just because I wanted to round up the final stage of a certain game, I don’t know about you, but even till now, many of us still have several games on our mobile phones or computers. Heck, smart televisions these days also come with arcade games.

Despite the excitement in the gaming industry, the cost of developing adrenaline popping games is climbing higher. Undeniably, we cannot deny the effect of the gaming industry in gambling. People have become millionaires overnight.

Although some countries or religious organizations have failed to recognize gambling as a legitimate way of earning a living, the gambling economy is still driven by passion and the unwavering zeal of gamblers.

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Thousands of casinos still do not waver as they continue to build top quality brands that are reckoned with.  Some of these casinos spend so much in order to build their reputation. No casino wants to be recognized for failing to make payouts to winners as at when due.

Just as most gamblers hardly trust each other, it is also hard for them to trust the casinos as sometimes, the odds always seem to favour the house. But it’s not only the players that suffer, the game developers also suffer the effects as they are only entitled to minute commissions from the revenue generated from their hard work.

In order to help solve this challenge, JOY GAMING has proposed a 21st century decentralized solution that will favour every member of the gaming and gambling ecosystem.

What Is JOY GAMING’s mission

Joy gaming will be building a platform based on the blockchain technology. Through this platform, it will be possible for game developers to create new gaming projects that will work on their backend through the use of smart contracts.

Who Will Benefit From JOY Gaming’s Plan?

JOY Gaming will be beneficial to various members of the industry, some of which include

  • Game Players
  • Gamblers
  • Major Casinos,
  • Game Developers,
  • Software houses, e.t.c

How Will Joy Gaming’s Platform Work?

The technology that houses the platform will be working based on 3 major high end components. These components include:

  • The Random Generator (RNG)
  • The Game Applications
  • The Blockchain Layer

These 3 components will make it possible for users to communicate with the platform without any fear of security breaches or unresponsiveness. The system will also be 100% complaint with existing legal authorities and licensing.


The platform will be pretty much user friendly in order to work perfectly for all clients, developers, the blockchain technology, gaming contents, and so much more.

Please see the graphical representation below for a better understanding.


In order to guarantee a flawless integration and swift transactions on the JOY TOKEN platform, the team decided to adopt a token referred to as JOY. It is an ERC 20  standard Ethereum based token that is already in the process of being upgraded to the ERC 223 token standard.

The token will be used to make purchases, give incentives, bonuses and rewards on the JOY platform. Accepted currencies on the platform at the moment are Ethereum, BTC and wire transfers.

How Generated Funds Will Be Used

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According to the information on the whitepaper, the token distribution will be as follows:

A total of 20% will be assigned to – Pre-sale- 140 000 000

A total of 30% will be assigned to – Sold during ICO- 210 000 000

A total of 10% will be assigned to – Rewards pool (VIP etc) – 70 000 000

A total of  23% will be – Sold on the platform- 161 000 000

A total of 12%will be assigned to – Founding team, vested for 24 months- 84 000 000

3% will be reserved for – Ambassadors fund raising fees- 21 000 000

2% will be used for – ICO bounties- 14 000 000

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Below is the official roadmap that highlights the journey so far, and what we should expect in the future.

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JUNE 2017

OP: 500,000 Seed Funding


OP: Onboard advisors from industry and blockchain


OP: Joy Gaming Foundation Established

OUT: Speaking At BlockChain Expo


TECH: Demo Slot Machine using Smart Contracts

OP: Application for Gambling Developer License

TECH: Launch of Joy Gaming Platform for Developers

TECH: Code Audit

MARCH 2017

OP: Token Sale

APRIL 2018

OP: Token Sale Audit

JUNE 2018

TECH: Games live on Playcosmo


TECH: Expansion into Fixed Odds Table Games

OP: Integration to More Platforms & Direct Operators


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In conclusion, I really think it’s time we come together to support these developers, and work towards a vibrant gaming and gambling ecosystem. If you’ll like to invest now, or if you’ll like to read more information about this opportunity, please follow any of the links below:

WEBSITE: https://joytoken.io/

WHITEPAPER: https://joytoken.io/white-paper.html

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joytoken

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JoyToken

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JoyToken.io/

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