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I was in high school when I came to know about the Internet. It was something new and liberating for me. Sitting in front of a monitor and staring at the screen felt like I could see the world all at once. I could communicate with people I didn’t know, people who lived thousands of miles beyond the shores of my country, wow! My money was spent in the purchase of browsing time. I couldn’t wait for school to close quicker each day so I could go to a cyber cafe and browse the Internet. From joining chat rooms on yahoo messenger to having one on one conversations with different people via Webcam, it was a thrill. I enriched my knowledge on places and countries, different subject matters and so much more. It was such an exciting time.

Fast forward to a few years later, the social media was introduced and it came with so much excitement. The availability of mobile phones with Internet connection made it all the more fun. Now people of different backgrounds, race, age, nationality can come together on a particular platform to interact. The social media is made up of mostly students, especially those in the tertiary institutions, but there isn’t any provision for these group of people to come together to rub minds on educational issues. This has made it difficulty for students to lay hands on current informations for their academic pursuits.

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It’s no news that students of tertiary institutions have a high population on social media, yet there’s no provision or platform dedicated to them to help sharpen their minds and bring out the best in them. That’s a challenge of the past now with the unveiling of Froshfeel. On Froshfeel the very best and complete informations are at your disposal. Froshfeel was developed using the blockchain technology. On this platform, students, institutions of all kind, professionals as well as business enterprises can come together and exchange knowledge and ideas based on educational purposes.

Going with the trend of cryptocurrency, Froshfeel has launched its version of cryptocurrency which is called Froins. Froins is a currency which makes student purchases such as books, clothes and all student related materials possible by simply using their mobile devices, with an added value service of discounts. Students can virtually buy and sell using this platform all manner of goods and services and they’ll be able to partner with institutions and business Enterprises that make use of Froins in their transactions. Froshfeel makes use of the ERC – 20 Ethereum token.

Where can we utilize froins?

Froins can be used in all human transactions such as entertainment, car industry, rentals, hospitality industry such as hotels, clothe purchase, technology purchase such as gadgets, school expenses and so many more.

Our platform is user friendly and was designed to cater for the different needs our users might have. We have different features such as the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), various institutions and the courses they offer, available classes, different competitions, directory for businesses etc. Any feature selected has great contents which a student can explore. There is also a font for every user type which makes login easier.

  1. Student Communities
  2. Institutional Bodies
  3. Educational Sector
  4. Business Enterprises

Url: www.kickico.com

Payment format: ETH and KICKcoin

Pre-ICO beginning date: 01/03/2018 , 00:00 GMT

Pre-ICO closing date: 20/03/2018 , 23:30 GMT

Lowest purchasing strength: 0.1 ETH

Pre-ICO lowest: 1000 ETH

Pre-ICO highest: 5000 ETH


Beginning date: 01/04/2018

Closing date: 30/04/2018

Exchange rate for coin:1000 FROINS= 1 ETH

Lowest amount for purchase: 0.006 BTC/0.1 ETH

Payment format that’s accepted: BTC/ETH

Maximum coin volume: 250 million

Undistributed tokens shall not be burned

Gains/ Discounts: 100%+

Coin issue beginning date: 15/05/2018 , 12:00 GMT



1st Round  30%  $0.70

2nd Round 20% $0.80

3rd Round 10%  $0.90

4th Round final  $1.00


Counselor/ associate/ bonus  6%

Stockpile                                 10%

Originator                               10%

Clientele                                  74%


Advertising and industrial growth  25%

Administrations and lawful fees   10%

Miscellaneous expenses               5%

Employees                                   60%


Q1 – Q4 2016: Analyzing the student market

Q1 – Q2 2017: With the analysis complete, development of the mobile app and Web user interface,respectively, commenced.

Q3 – Q4 2017: Interests from educational bodies as well as business enterprises signifying interest in Froins and Froshfeel were received.

Q1 2018: An ICO will be conducted as well as a public whitepaper announcement by Froshfeel.

Q2 2018: Froins will be introduced in major exchange listing and the Froshfeel platform’s internal infrastructure will be developed.

Q3 2018: Applications for clients will be developed

Q4 2018: Marketing will commence in preparation for launching

Q1 2019: Froshfeel platform will be unveiled to the public.

Q1 2019: Expansion into various locations will take place.

Froshfeel Team

Our team is made up of highly gifted and smart individuals who are experts in their respective fields and we’re led by Mohamed Rahemtulla who is the Founder and CEO of Froshfeel.

In Conclusion:

Froshfeel is the solution to the challenges faced by students both socially and academically. Join us today and you’ll be glad you made history alongside us.

For more information, please follow any of the links below:

Website: https://www.FROSHFEEL.com/

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2947528.msg30278060#msg30278060

Whitepaper: https://www.FROSHFEEL.com/whitepaper-FROSHFEEL-froins.pdf/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/H5cW4E9xtFFsxw8ddkdXNw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FROSHFEEL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FROSHFEEL/

Username: Jemma
Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2071893

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