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FROSHFEEL: A Decentralized Student Network To Have Fun And Learn

Being an introvert, I sometimes try to downplay the effect of most social media channels available to us on the world wide web. I pretend to not care about whatever goes on there, but if there’s a picture on my timeline which was posted by any of my friends, I will scrutinize the picture to get a feel of whatever the fun is.

With the way things have evolved, platforms like twiter, facebook and even instagram seem to have become major parts of our lives. As a matter of fact, sometimes the first thing we do when we wake up from sleep is to check out how many notifications we’ve got. But then, the golden question remains…

How much education and beneficial knowledge are we gaining from these platforms?

If you asked me that question, I’d honestly tell you I’m out there for the gossip. But that’s not what life should be about. We deserve more.

We will all agree that there’s a vast knowledge out there on the internet, nevertheless, making these information easily accessible to people easily is one major hurdle that needs to be solved. It is time the vast information scattered around to be neatly made available to those who need them.

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FroshFeel is a 21st century innovation that gives people the opportunity to gain first-hand access to the major businesses and various institutions that surround them. This will help them make life changing decisions that will be very beneficial to them in the nearest future.

Froshfeel’s network will give members a unique opportunity to hook up with people who are aiming to reach very similar goals just like them. People who have related assignments will also be able to come together and help each other out.

It doesn’t end there, a major challenge that graduates are having is their inability to find jobs that they are very much qualified for, but FroshFeel will also solve that challenge by helping members find the jobs around them, and even help them put in their applications easily.

FroshFeel is very unique because if will bring a mix of fun and learning. It will be combining both the educational life and the educational life of it’s members in appropriate proportions.

As a matter of fact, prospective students can also make payments for academic activities, accommodations, tuition fees, text books, and many other services which will be offered by lots of partnered institutions.

Away from academics, FroshFeel platform will also be a major trading hub where people will be able to buy and offer various goods and services through the platform.

The official currency that will be used to make purchases on the FroshFeel platform has been revealed as Froins.

Froins is a cryptocurrency which was introduced by FroshFeel in order to guarantee the safety and speed for all transactions on the platform. Froins is a secure ERC-20 top standard based token which is also Ethereum blockchain based.

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Froins can be used to make purchases related to various industries like utility bills, real estate, college fees, furniture, retail, clubs and bars, e..t.c

Froshfeel’s official website can give you more information about the token, nevertheless, if you want to purchase the froins token, you can do so by making payments through ETH or BTC.

1 froin will be worth 1 USD and the ICO will end on the  30th of april, 2018.

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For more information, feel free to use any of the links below:

Website: https://www.froshfeel.com/

Pre-ICO link: https://www.kickico.com/campaigns/53187/froshfeel-froins/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/froshfeel/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/froshfeel

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/froshfeel

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/H5cW4E9xtFFsxw8ddkdXNw

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMcdG-G2hxE&t/

Medium https://medium.com/@froshfeel

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/froshfeel/

This content was authored by bitointalk user: Vocalwalls

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