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If you’re reading this post, then it’s most likely because just as I am, you are fed up with the conventional banking system.

Just about a week ago, my bank told me I could not conduct transactions up to a certain sum, just because they wouldn’t want that much cash moved to an account in another bank. Why should it even matter to them in the first place? Why have out traditional fiat banks decided to become nightmares that make life so unbearable for us?

Re-Evaluating Our Finances From A Different Perspective

Cryptographic forms of money have prompted the development of new markets. Monetary standards like Bitcoin and Ethereum have opened entryways for another sort of market which dissimilar to introduce currency showcase is controlled by nobody.

The application of the blockchain will ascend as the overseeing body that will deal with and keep such troublesome financial practices at bay. The close to zero exchange cost (alongside different qualities) has made these monetary forms even better than the customary cash we are familiar with utilizing. What can be doubtlessly expressed is that it is only the start and the quantity of conceivable outcomes is perpetual.

Prior to this moment, all the financial exchanges were empowered through national banks (straightforwardly or in a roundabout way). Presently, with the advancement of Bitcoins, the situation has changed. The power that was vested in the administrations and national banks is moving to the majority.

Presently with advanced monetary forms, this financial power can be tested by individuals. This has prompted the production of another self-governing body which can encourage exchanges. At last if embraced on a vast scale, Bitcoins can prompt the politicization of cash.


Here, Forty Seven Bank comes in.

Despite the vast increase crypto currencies, the obstruction poor relationship and applicability of the crypto world and the cash economy has led to a large percentage of people being discouraged from dealing in the crypto economy. As a solution to this, Forty Seven Bank was created as a bridge to link the crypto economy to the monetary economy.

Forty Seven Bank allows all its customers to have access to both their crypto currencies and cash in one platform. We bring to you a continent community where we teach our customers on how to bank using crypto in the native way of banking.


The Advantages Of The Forty Seven Bank

*Banking with us allows you to enjoy a state of comfort, amusement, relief and delightful way of transacting.

*We give you an open insight on all your transactions.

*At Forty Seven Bank, we introduce banking with crypto currencies and cash currencies, not just cash currency to you as a new financial economy.

*We have been known to provide s state of stability to our customers when it comes to how to spend in the financial world.

*And of course, all your day-to-day transactions, confidential details are well encrypted from any form of hack or technical failure.


Who has the benefit of enjoying our services?

We offer our services to individuals who intend to buy products from companies making sales through crypto currencies.

Business firms whose daily Mail d based mainly on crypto currencies transact with us.

The crypto traders are not left out as we provide a platform where you can transfer and invest in the crypto world.



Forty Seven is actively working with various other major firms in the cryptocurrency and technological infrastructure industry, some of the partners are: BEST RATE, PAYBIS, GROWTH, COINBAZZ, AZURE, XB SOFTWARE, REVAIN, LAST BACEND, e.t.c.


Core Values Of The Forty Seven Bank

The notable values of the bank include

  • The ability for all stakeholders to make profit
  • Introduction of new high class innovations
  • Completely transparent ecosystem
  • User friendly procedures
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Very stable finances
  • Security


Forty Seven’s Products:

Some available products offered by Forty Seven Bank which customers will benefit from include:







Token Information

In order to promote and guarantee the safety of transactions in the forty seven eco system, the  FSBT was introduced. It is an ERC 208 based token which gives users a full control over all their digital assets with minimal need for any software.

Forty Seven ICO Details

ICO starts: 16-11-2017

ICO ends: 30-04-2018

Soft cap: 3,600ETH

Hard cap for ICO: 36,000ETH

Accepted currencies on ICO: ETH, BTC

Token: FSBT

1 FSBT = 0.00047ETH

Maximum amount of tokens to be generated: 5,555,555 FSBT (including bonus tokens, tokens for bounty and founders).


ICO Round 1: 30% bonus

ICO Round 2: 20% bonus

ICO Round 3: 0% bonus but bonus for quantity

The total Duration of ICO Round 1  will last through 16 November – 16 December, 2017

The total Duration of ICO in Round 2/3: to be announced.


Contributors: 90%

Founder: 5%

Bounties: 5%

Forty Seven’s Roadmap



The Forty Seven Team

This 21st century innovation was made possible by brilliant professionals who have gathered experience in both the crypto industry and the financial industry. Notable mentions in the team are

AleksandrsMalins- Co-Founder,Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

IgorsAstapčiks- Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Chief Operating Officer

MihailsSkoblovs- Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer

VladimirsTomko- Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Chief Marketing Officer

AristotelesVargas- Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Head of Trading, Investment and Brokerage Department

AntonAzamatov- Chief Technical Officer

JevgenijsPlams- Blockchain Developer

JevgenijsLesevs- Head of Internal Audit

LilijaKovaļčuka- Art Director

VitalijsGrundsteins- Project Manager

KristiānaŠtauere- Leading Analyst

Nana Zhang- Community Manager (Asia)


My Honest Conclusion On Forty Seven

In a period when people are getting fed up with the unfavorable schemes deployed by conventional banks to rid people off, FOrty Seven is coming at the right time, and it is definite that this project will be recording a major success.

I will not hold back in becoming a major investor in this idea. You should not hold back too.

For more information, please visit any of the links below:

Website: https://www.fortyseven.io/

Whitepaper:  ://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzvESRkgX-uDeHc1QjRzbHRBelU/edit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FortySevenBank/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/47foundation

Telegram: https://t.me/thefortyseven

Telegram-for-bounty https://t.me/fortysevenbounty


This content was authored by bitcointalk user: Chayo
Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2071882
ERC20 Wallet: 0xF77cD397c15A8412e74b500a9be04F837BdC7dD5
Telegram: ChayoE

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