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Information is power and security, safety and accessibility of data can easily make or mar a business. In, fact the business world is mainly a race to see who gets the best information and who has the best strategy to react to same. That is where the Essentia project comes in play. An innovative, ahead of its time concept and aimed at fulfilling the 21st century needs of inventors and risk takers worldwide.


Project definition

Image result for essentia ico reviewThe Essentia project is a decentralized, multi-chain, single-chain and multiplatform information management project that can be run by a human or computer user.

A minimal amount of information known as the Seed is generated with which a client gains access to his packages which are protected by the platform using cryptographic and air-tight encryption.

All the while essential places control at the client’s fingertips giving your business on-the-spot control of your data. This is key as a business controls their assets, client and staff information, identities and other precious info.

The project also retains the ability to be easily scalable to accommodate growth so it is in no way limiting to dreams and aspirations.


Technical description

Essentia possesses technical features that ensures satisfactory experience for users with facilities such as the user interfaces, command line interfaces and a modular operating system.

Man and computer would have no challenges utilizing Essentia to its fullest. An operating system which is decentralized with a home panel, a console compatible with all sorts of host architecture, OS or machine and being.

It does not matter if you run multiple businesses or companies a single Essentia Seed is enough to run your digital IDs and Sub-IDs. You can even choose visibility or anonymity.

Frontend modules that are presented to a client at the click of a button are mouthwatering to say the least: Keyring, Dapp centre, Account-less Exchange and many more.


The Essentia key properties

Image result for essentia ico reviewThe factors that stand Essentia apart from the rest are as follows; easily customizable modular framework which is decentralized for computer and human users, decentralized digital identities, trustworthy and secure processes with privacy totally guaranteed.

Unifying of all interactions, be it multiple IDs, assets, data, communications and resources to make things easier and more convenient to manage. Encryption of data occurs by default, flexibility and scalability with agent agnostic automated user interfaces and CLIs.

Finally, the platform because of its decentralization ensure clients can attach the platform to their local system and are also able to delete or remove their digital presence with utmost convenience.


Essentia Modules

This consists of all the complex and technical components that keep the system ticking. And includes a long list such as ESS-Home, ESS-ID, ESS-OS and so on, with even more in the pipelines. This modules help perform tasks such as third-party integration, connectivity and wallet management among others.


Partnering with Essentia

If you wish to align your business with this great venture. The opportunity has presented itself in the form of the platform token ESS token. It is an all-encompassing ERC20, Ethereum based token available in an initial coin offering which is currently ongoing.



Don’t hesitate to position your business for fast growth and development. Security of data and information is an essential ingredient in the business world of today and essential aims to transform that.

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