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As a world renown movie star Anna was used to her share of popularity, she frequented social media platforms usually to relate with her fans and had sometime found herself trending for right or wrong reasons.

This never prepared her for the shocker she received that weekend, she woke up to find that her social media accounts had been hacked and her sensitive pictures were swimming all over the place for free viewing by the public. Trust me, she has not been the only one.

Private companies and even companies have suffered massive information breaches in the past, a decay that Essentia is ready to fix



Image result for essentia ico reviewEssentia is a blockchain based, decentralized, multi-chain modular framework that allows users and clients to secure their digital information and identity using sophisticated and highly air-tight modern technology.

The project is set to usher in a new era by applying blockchain allowing all users to access supreme decentralization and privacy in all their affairs.



Image result for essentia ico reviewEssentia provides a total modular framework encompassing the client’s information, data, privacy, Identities, assets, etc. the platform which is usable by both man and machine allows for easy and seamless interactions with a host of services, systems and processes as the user wishes while granting the user sole access from wherever they may be located.

The project is bootstrapped from a Seed getting its keys in a very systematic manner. Data is secured on local spaces, backup drives or decentralized storage files with heavy encryption, to be released only when safety has been assured. The Seed is the smallest amount of information required to be able to engage the connected IDs, assets, data and so on. This setup can be run as a single module or scaled up to more advanced levels. All this is based on a framework with the Essentia Core as the foundation.

It is also important to know that a single Seed can subsist for a good number of digital Sub-IDs and IDs. With the IDs determining their level of anonymity.



Properties of Essentia

The features that the Essentia project possesses which stands it out from others make for a long list, some of which will be highlighted and they include a trustworthy and secure mode of operation based on strong cryptography, usability by both man and machine, guaranteeing maximal privacy and anonymity, Cross-Chain, Multi-protocol and Multi-chain compatibility, ironclad encryption that is persistent and incorruptible.


Benefits derivable from Essentia

The Essentia platform allows a client to handle is key information, accounts, software, login details across all platforms and wallet details, etc. with himself wherever he goes. With guaranteed blockchain based cryptography, this information can also be easily accessed when required.  The platform has a myriad of components all geared towards providing utmost service such as ESS-Home, ESS-keyware, ESS-ID and many more.


Token information

The token for the Essentia platform will be the ESS-token, which is Ethereum ERC20 based. There will be an initial coin offering where it will be on offer. The tokens will subserve all functions on the platform.



There’s no such thing as too much security, as illegal information seekers continue to evolve so does private citizens too require evolution. Essentia is the next step in this evolution and ESS tokens are the tickets.


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  1. you have made it seem easy. Great project i must admit.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. I must admit the team are embarking on a revolutionary project, and i’m confident in their qualifications

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