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Essentia: The Essential Tool For Global Security

What is that thing that world governments treasure as much they treasure money? It is they safety and security of their data and information. Key details regarding their operations, citizens and even plans for the future are constantly under threat and have to be protected from sinister elements who always seek access to such. That is where Essentia becomes a valuable ally.


Get To Know Better

Image result for essentia ico reviewEssentia is a decentralized information security and management innovation based on blockchain technology making use of a modular framework hinged on a Seed to protect data at the highest levels of encryption. The Seed being the minimum amount of information required to allow a user access to the encrypted assets, identities and other information stored on the platform. The chief facilitator of all this is the Essentia Core which moderates the cryptographic security and processes the clients command.

A key feature of the platform which will surely be advantageous to governments who partner with the venture is its unique ability to receive commands from not only human but also machine users and that can act as additional security for info and data.

As many IDs as a client wants can be affiliated with a single Seed, a simple click on the Essentia platform opens a world of possibilities to users with frontend modules such as Login, Wallet, Crypto nodes and many others available for use.


Why Essentia

Incase convincing is required, there’s a long list of strong points of the Essentia platform making it a game-changer for government data and information protection. Starting from its malleability in terms of being decentralized, applicable for human and machine controllers. It also ensures maximum privacy, and is totally worthy of trust. The platform is always available with no down time, allows for automation and it is entirely fault-proof.

The situation that obtains at the moment is one of digital vulnerability and exposure even for the strongest governments. Compromise in this security has caused untold hardships to government staff, populations of people and so on, with economic and life derailment. Essentia represents the perfect solution to all this woes.

Also importantly, the platform allows a user to link his own personal system to the project and data and digital belongings can be disposed very easily if so desired.

Image result for essentia ico review


Platform Overview

Image result for essentia ico reviewThe platform is hitched on Ethereum and it adheres strictly to its rules, protocols and regulations. The Seeds, keys, formats etc. are well regulated and are thus safe to use and easily adaptable to other related platforms. All the while the cross and multi-chain functionality is retained.

Various components are put together to form the all-powerful Essentia platform, ESS-ID, ESS-egg, ESS-Home, ESS-Os and many more. All working in synergy to allow convenient and secure functioning. The various modules each have a role to play in the final product.


The ESS Token

The fuel that powers this exciting project is the ERC20 token, the ESS token which is multifunctional and very key in the functioning of the platform.



Security is sacrosanct in all government endeavors, this is what Essentia offers plus a truck load of more functionality. Keying into their project is definitely the best option.

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