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Multinodular approach key to Essentia’s functionality

Security is a tough job. Every step of the way, one has to anticipate the loopholes and possible ways criminal elements would seek to exploit per time. A good quality project therefore has to exhibit adaptability even in the midst of complexity and must be structured to be reactive enough to accommodate whatever may be thrown at it. That is the Essentia gameplan and strategy with its multiple nodules.



Essentia is a brand new multinodular decentralized framework capable of integrating multiple resources in a single unit and offering the user the perfect conditions to interact with said resources. It is the first human and machine usable decentralized framework providing the user with utmost privacy, they are able to secure digital valuables such as identity information, login details, wallet info, and other similar things.

The foundation on which the project rests are the Seed and the Core. The Core represents the cryptographic encryption layer that protects the valuables while the Seed is like they key that does the unlocking.


Essentia Modules

The key modules of this platform will be highlighted as follows;

First is the ESS-core which works to allow another module the ESS-ID to perform the key function of destroying, restoring or backing up the ESS-Seed in other to grant access to stored functions. ESS-Base is the module devotedly tasked with the function of creating, managing, and utilizing the Seed by communicating with the Core.

ESS-Home is the main module that links ESS-Base to the Core functions of other modules. Another major module that deserves mention is the ESS-Key which protects the project from software destruction, injurious environment and individuals. Other modules include the ESS- Pay, Repo, Oracle, Clock, Data and the list goes on and on.

What this modules characterize is the flexibility and scalability of the platform allowing it to be useful to a myriad of scenarios and situations. The Essentia platform is reproducible in any part of the world, and can run an infinite number of processes at the same time all as a result of the multiple modules.



With the way Essentia is set up, it is crafted to be able to run several modes and both human and machine users can take advantage of this. It possesses the user interface mode and command line interfaces which the client can choose from.


Project applications

The uses of this platform are overwhelming, the cogent ones that will be mentioned are that, Essentia makes the decentralized user a reality, Multipe identities connected to the real world data can be run anonymously, as much of it as necessary all controlled from the same place. The client gets the chance to login and sign-up to services and make use of them while keeping his details and data private.

There’s also the opportunity to connect to the internet via customized VPN.



Essentia has demonstrated genuine understanding of the need for security and they’ve shown the willingness and technical know-how to provide what is needed. This is surely an extremely exciting project.


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