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I could remember the first day I played video game as a child, I didn’t want to let it go, I grew up having so much love for video games. Even when my video game went bad I will go to a game shop with my friends and spend close to eight hours playing games. I am a game addict. Playing video games helps me to relax my nerves after a long day work but I don’t enjoy playing video games with bad graphics and poor audio because they are not fun and they can even add to your days’ stress. Lol

I believe that most game lovers like me have always wished that all video games will have good graphics and quality sound because in it lays the fun. I have good news for all video game lovers; EGRETIA is the platform that will bring that wish to reality. EGRETIA is a platform in partnership with one of the world’s leading HTML programmers known as EGRET Tech to offer an avenue that is easy to use for the internet, game and applications. The platform is fully integrated with the world’s most secured, transparent and disruptive technology (the blockchain technology).


Egret Technology is a HTML5 company that has that has been in existence for some years now. The Egret HTML5 engine is one of the best in the industry which is used for the creation of mobile and internet applications. With the Egret Wing, it will be easy for users to edit and debug video game codes on TypeScreen. One of the major creations of Egret technology is Dragon bones which is an animation editor that enables users to make animation without stress. With the partnership of Egret technology and EGRETIA, a step by step tutorial will be created for the Dragon bones software; this will help in making it more popular amongst users. Egret Tech conversion makes the conversion of video games from Flash to HTML5 pretty much easy.


  • Creation and distribution of products using HTML5 is pretty much easy.
  • You do not need much source development to design video games and  applications by using HTML5
  • Applications, browsers and video games made via HTML5 are always more popular.
  • Mobile traffic is one of the focuses of the HTML5 technology.
  • Games made with HTML5 technology have a higher target market because of their cool graphics.
  • Open source HTML5, unlike other products, has a greater offer for renovations.


It is clear from the above explanations that HTML5 technology is simply a technology of the future. HTML5 is more adaptable and efficient compared to flash. The EGRETIA platform promises to be a development platform that is highly secured and at the same time operating at low cost. This will give them the number one place in the HTML industry globally. If you make your research you will discover that HTML5 has successfully displaced Flash thereby making it to gain more recognition of late.


You can partner with EGRETIA via their Initial coin offering (ICO). As you can see the EGRETIA platform has a framework that can be used for video game development which is a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of prospects too. This project is bound to record great progress because it is the first HTML5 platform that is going to bring both developers and gamers into a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Partnership with this platform is the best decision you will be making this year.

Below is the Token information:

Token Name: EGT

The Token Type is: ERC 20

Token Supply: 8,000,000,000 EGT

Token Sale: About 39%

Marketing and partners: 14%

Team/ contributors/ Advisor: 20%

Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

Hard cap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT + 1,000,000 ABT

Currency that can be used for purchase: ETH, CMT.

In conclusion, EGRETIA platform is about to give video game lovers a better experience and since the game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, the EGRETIA platform is in for a big catch. Believe me; you won’t be happy with yourself few months from now if you fail to invest in this game changing platform.

You can get more information from EGRETIA essential links below:


Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177


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