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Egretia ICO: Bringing together the Blockchain world and the HTML5 Industry

So today, I was playing Candy Crush on my phone and started wondering; what if there was a way I could conveniently buy ‘save me’s’ as an in game purchase to boost my candy crush chances of hitting my all-time highest score. Or, what if there was a way which I could have a friend send over his in game purchases to me in game? I quit my candy crush game and started researching stuff on payments and technology. First, I came across what was called the HTML5 technology which is the future of the internet. I became curious, researched more on it and discovered some pretty interesting stuff. One of those things I discovered was that the HTML code we’re currently using to view the internet is the 4th version and there’d be a 5th version soon to be fully developed. Then, you see those annoying problems we have while trying to view videos on a browser and it shows the ‘You need a Flash to view this in your browser’ will be eliminated. With HTML5 we can view anything ranging from videos using the newest 5th version of the HTML language. While checking through HTML5, I came upon a token called Egretia, which was integrating Blockchain into the HTML5 industry. I became curious and this is what I discovered…


Egretia is a token that has been developed by the Egretia Blockchain Lab. What they intend to do is to integrate the decentralization of Blockchain into HTML5 thereby revolutionizing the entire industry. But before we proceed, let me introduce you to HTML5. HTML5 is the 5th variety of the Hyper Text Markup Language. What we currently use is HTML4; and in imitation of all upgrades, HTML5 is going to way bigger than the current type of HTML we use now. And the good part is HTML5 doesn’t just cover the internet. It covers games, mobile applications, ads and new generation videos.

Since the 5th version of the HTML industry is definitely going to take over with a bang, a team of great minded people paired up with the number one global leader in the HTML5 industry, Egret Technology. Egret Technology created the first HTML5 workflow after developing it for 4 years. The HTML5 workflow already has about 200,000 developers and a reach of about a billion active users in the HTML5 industry. This will be the biggest HTML5 Blockchain platform. The goal is to integrate these resources into the decentralized Blockchain. As quoted on their whitepaper, their vision is to

“Bring 200,000 Developers and 1 Billion HTML5 Devices to The Blockchain World.”

The aim is to have developers have it easy to create Blockchain games and integrate the Egretia token into them thereby reaching all of Egret Technology users. Egretia is partnered with Egret Technology, Lomostar, Bits Angel, Tokeneed, Merculet, UltronFund, CyberMiles, Guojin Capital, ArcBlock,Linkvc, Kryptial Group, Viking Capital and a lot more reputable investors.



  • Egretia will provide the platform for easing developers to swiftly develop games and applications on the Blockchain
  • Egretia will provide Egreten tokens as a secure form of payment for in game purchases. One can also earn Egreten by playing and sharing games with other people.
  • Egretia will allow for trading of virtual assets as regards their policy
  • A unique passport created for each and every single member of a particular game and application. User privacy won’t be a problem either as Egretia is anonymous.



The total supply of all Egreten tokens will be 8,000,000,000. For the token sale event, up to 39% of Egretia will be sold, foundation will take a 27% share, the marketing and business partners of Egretia will have 14% of all Egretia and the team, contributors and advisors will take 20% of Egretia. The soft cap will be reached when the token sale raises 10,000 Ethereum and the Hard cap will be reached at 35,000 Ethereum plus + 6,000,000 CMT + 1,000,000 ABT. The pre-sale will be starting at 8am CST, from 30th of April, 2018. The public sale will start at 8am CST on May 26th, 2018 and end on May 30th,2018. For the public sale the minimum contribution is to be 0.1 ETH and the maximum contribution at 3 ETH as opposed to the presale’s minimum contribution of 100 ETH and maximum contribution of 1000 ETH.



For more information about Egretia, visit the links below

Whitepaper: http://egretia.io/static/Egretia_White_Paper_EN_V1.0.pdf

Website: http://egretia.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Egretia.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Egretia_io

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Egretia/

Mail: media@egretia.io

Telegram: http://t.me/Egretia

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3317184.msg34643618#msg34643618

Github: https://github.com/Egretia

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/egretia/


Username: DJHaywire

Bitcoin talk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2037035

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