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The HTML5 industry has witnessed rapid growth in the past few years. This technology has a lot of advantages which has made most well-known enterprises like Baidu, Google, Wechat and Facebook to adopt it. No doubt that HTML5 technology has indeed become one of the global Internet technology trends that are very useful.

In spite of the rapid development in this industry, it still has some challenges that need to be fixed in order to make the technology near perfect if not totally perfect. Some of these challenges are lack of solutions to securely store virtual assets of users, lack of global unified and secured payment platform, lack of mechanism to ensure fairness in games, a great need for diversified approaches to monetize internet traffic, lack of mechanisms to effectively protect the intellectual property of HTML5 products, lack of solutions to rapidly respond to distributed back-end communications and a great need for effective mechanisms to motivate good teams to develop high quality games.

Few weeks ago I ran into the whitepaper of EGRATIA project and after going through the white paper I discovered that the solutions to the aforementioned challenges lie with the EGRATIA project. I will like to use this medium to communicate to you my findings about this wonderful project. Let’s quickly look at what the EGRATIA project is all about, what they are bringing to the HTML5 industry and how you and I can benefit from this project.


From my research about EGRATIA, I discovered that it is a platform designed to be the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and a platform integrated with the blockchain technology with proven tools. The EGRATIA TEAM has mapped out plans on bringing two hundred thousand developers and a billion mobile devices into the blockchain world. The EGRATIA project is partnering with a globally well-known HTML5 technology service provider known as EGRET Technology to bring this project to a reality.

On the EGRATIA ecosystem, users will have access to a lot of benefits such as a low threshold, high security digital wallet which will serve as a safe payment platform for all applications that are HTML5 blockchain based, a digital token that will be used for all HTML5 projects all over the world known as EGRETEN and an effective ecosystem sustainable for all users. It will interest you to note that content powered by EGRET engine has reached millions of users and the EGRATIA team has promised to create a unique passport with digital encryption for every user. On this platform, game development, game distribution and virtual goods trading will be very easy.

On this platform blockchain functions will be modularized and integrated into the Engret engine and its front end development tools, it will also be integrated into the back end service logic using node servers around the globe and this will provide HTML5 products with fast communications solutions and trusted smart contract server logic. The EGRATIA team has also planned to create a complete development suite, documentation and development community which will help in providing the most complete and convenient developer ecosystem. Below is the EGRETIA BLOCKCHAIN Platform Architecture:


EGRETIA has a token known as EGRETEN (EGT) which will be used as a means of transaction in the EGRATIA ecosystem. The ICO is on and below is the details of the EGRATIA ICO:

Token Name: EGT

The Token Type is: ERC 20

Token Supply: 8,000,000,000 EGT

Token Sale: About 39%

Marketing and partners: 14%

Team/ contributors/ Advisor: 20%

Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

Hard cap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT + 1,000,000 ABT

Currency that can be used for purchase: ETH, CMT.


Below are the successes recorded thus far and the goals ahead yet to be met by this wonderful team:


Behind every great and outstanding project is a team of great brains with outstanding past records. Behold some of the great minds behind this wonderful project:

This is a project with a great difference, I believe you have a foresight and I have no doubt that you will join this project that is about to shake the world of technology.

For further enquiries please visit the links below:


Username: Sorento

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177


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