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Casting an honest glance towards the health care industry, one will not fail to notice the manual effort which most health professionals have to toil through, just to be able to meet up with the technological deficits in the global health care ecosystem.

So much has been achieved as man tries to get more answers to every possible question about life, nevertheless, there are quite a lot of quests that need to be conquered, just like the human individual development.

Up until this moment, it’s still very hard for people to gain unrestricted access to a better life quality. Lots of informative operations in the healthcare system are being simulated with fabricated date, instead of real life results, payment methods still seem traditional, these and many more issues seem to be plaguing the healthcare industry.

With the innovative blockchain technology, Digipharm is a brilliant innovation that seeks to promote and develop the set-up infrastructures in the healthcare industry through a decentralized system of operation.

Digipharm will help stake holders make smart contract payments, giving them access to top quality healthcare at the best possible price. More than that, patients will be completely in control of their own data, such that they need not be afraid of any data leaks or compromise.

According to official information, Patients will be able to view comprehensive results and analyzed data from previous patients of a similar health challenge, who had very similar characteristics.


As stated in their whitepaper, Digipharm will help people enjoy a value based healthcare system with complete use of cryptographically encrypted technology.

The Digipharm Platform

In order to achieve it’s proposed mission, the Digipharm team will be building a platform to help people interact easily with the decentralized system.

The platform will fully consider information protection, privacy, security and regulatory compliance as its major components.

The Digipharm Ecosystem

Digipharm smart contracts will favor people from various departments of the healthcare industry.  Some of the major beneficiaries will include



Service Providers


The Platform

Digipharm Partners

In a bid to be a part of this technological breakthrough, some major companies that are already in partnership with digipharm include: FARNER, SWISSCOM, BLOCKCHAIN, SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH, FRORIEP, e.t.c.

Token Information

In order to guarantee quick and easy transactions of the Digipharm platform the team has adopted the use of an ERC20 ethereum based token on the platform. Here are the details you should know:

DPH Supply: 100,000,000 Fixed (ERC-20)

Ticker code: DPH

Decimal Places: 18

Token Price: 1.00 USD

Pre – Sale: 15,000,000 DPH

Pre – Sale Discount: 35%

Base Price: 1.00 USD

Pre – Sale Length: 4 Weeks

Main Sale: 50,000,000 DPH

Week 1: 25%

Week 2: 15%

Week 3: 10%

Week 4: 1.00 USD


Digipharm’s Token Allocations

Charity Foundation: 0.5%

Marketing: 4%

Legal & Regulatory: 15%

Professional Services: 15.5%

Product Development: 65%


Token Distribution Data

Referrals / Bounties: 1%

Reserve / Product development: 14%

Team / Partners: 20%

ICO: 65%


What Funds Will Be Used For

The Team

Ahmed Abdulla- Founder/CEO

Girisha Fernando– Co-Founder/COO

Zach Daniels– CTO

Ralf Gerteis- Commercial Strategy

Alexander Sverdlov- Cybersecurity Strategy

Meredith Darden- Digital Marketing Lead

Alexey Popov- Web Development

Michael Gubert- UI/UX Design

Leon Rebolledo– Lead Architect            

Rolf Günter- Legal Counsel

Bobby Kaura- Business Development

Dr. Mohamed Abdulla- Clinical Transformation

Dr.Hasham Al-Meshhedani– Patient Engagement

Ali Al-Sudani– Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Rami Radwan– Clinical Relations

Peter Sandbach- Communications Director

Debra De Silva-Sun- HEOR & Pricing Analyst

Marko Granic- Graphic Designer



Personal Thoughts

In this 21st century, it is imperative to support the healthcare industry as best as possible especially as toxic gasses and unsafe activities are on the rise. Shelling out a ‘Fee For Performance’ in order to  support a decentralized system and take advantage of innovative smart pricing techniques is something everyone should definitely be a part of.

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