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Ever since I embraced the Internet technology, I have been able to accomplish a lot for myself. From my academic pursuit, to my health and well being as well as growth, the world has never been more advanced than it is today. I have been exposed to better experiences and the old and difficult ways of doing things are now simplified. Meeting new people no longer requires a face-to-face meeting, I can now have such experience in the comfort of my home all thanks to the Internet.

To improve our social life on the Internet, new technologies were introduced with more exciting features. Social media technologies like Facebook, Twitter and others were created to bring people from all around the world to coexist under one platform. Then came the introduction of online dating platform.

At first, it was a great place to meet people who shared the same goals with me and whose personalities matched what I was looking for and desired in a partner but soon problems arose. Issues such a hacking and leaking of profile informations and personal conversations became a problem for this great technology.

There equally existed problems such as low search output for matters of importance. Right now there’s good news. All these problems and many more not mentioned have been taken care of by DATECOIN.

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Datecoin is a product created by top class brilliant minds led by Nikita Anufriyev who is the Founder & CEO, to correct the mistakes presently encountered in the online dating platforms.

Datecoin is doing something different from what’s currently obtainable. The aim of Datecoin is to create the first of its kind intelligent dating service in the world which will provide a quick and easy search and productive dating experience for people who share things in common.

Using the blockchain technology, Datecoin is able to bring the best dating service platform that’s ever existed to the world.

Reasons to use Datecoin

Our platform is easy to use with the best experience guaranteed.

Using technologies like face recognition, a precise matching of partners is a promise. The Adoption of personal preference as well as morphological analysis and semantics will be equally used to achieve this.

There will be no hidden charges.

Making use of blockchain technology, all accounts will be thoroughly verified and there will be no room for fake profiles. There’s an availability of encrypted end to end chats and your data will be a secured with your privacy assured.

Our Token

Datecoin makes use of DEC token and the breakdown is as follows:

Sales for crowd – 65%

All Team members that participated in this project – 20%

Funds reserved – 10%

Campaign for bounty – 1%

Marketing Fund- 4%

Token Sales

  • The Datecoin CrowdSale is already  open! Don’t wait for it because time is almost out. It  Started on 03/30/2018
  • According to official information, the Total token volume for Datecoin’s  CrowdSale is: 285,000,000 DTC
  • The official DTC exchange rate as at this moment is 1 DTC= 0.00025 ETH
  • The whitepaper information also reveals that the Minimum token purchase is equivalent to 0,1 ETH
  • As a matter of transparency and trust, If Soft Cap is not reached, all the funds will be returned to the CrowdSale participants
  • СrowdSale Information: — Soft cap: $ 4 000 000 — Hard cap: $ 20 000 000

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Datecoin is an idea that started way back in 2015, the pre sale started as far back as november 2017 and in March 2018, the DTC crowd sale kicked off.

According to the official roadmap,  the integration of the blockchain based verification process will be implemented in March 2019 with an audience of over 2 million users all around the world.

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This 21st century innovation is being overseen by a team of professional experts who have all gathered enormous experiences in various industries.

The amazing Datecoin team is made up of industrial professionals who make up a strong team, each and every single member of the datecoin team has accummulated a rich experience towards the development ofinnovative  IT projects, the professionals use of intelligent systems and out of the box UX designs, includingly, they have all done  in successful product positioning and record breaking sales. The team is made up of over 20 first class high ranking geniuses.

They are:


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What I Really Think

If you’re a lover of privacy and the need for top-notch security while using a dating service is a concern to you, then Datecoin is your best bet. Join us today for an experience of a lifetime and let us bring you the best service you could ever desire.

For more information, please stay updated through the following links below:

  • WEBSITE: http: //datecoin.io/
  • WHITEPAPER: https: //datecoin.io/static/documents/teaser_en.pdf? V = 3.4
  • FACEBOOK: https: //www.facebook.com/datecoin/
  • TWITTER: https: //twitter.com/date_coin
  • TELEGRAM: https: //t.me/datecoin
  • Ann Thread:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2351857.0
  • Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2378603.0

Author: Vocalwalls
Bitcointalk Profile Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1825008

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