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DATAREUM – Decentralized Marketplace For Targeted Data

Just because I searched for a 55 inch plasma television a few hours ago, I am being spammed. Every website I visit, I am exposed to a lot of pop up and pop under adverts about various television sizes with different functionalities. Why is this so? how is it that my search information can no longer be personal? How did everyone know that I was interested in getting a new television?

What this means is that if I ever had to carry out a presentation from my computer at the office, I could be hounded by embarrassing adult ads and pornographic contents just because I recently searched for Viagra! This is really not an ideal way to live.

In recent times, it is now obvious that all the information we put online has become someone else’s business. These information which various firms have collected include our gender, location, age, interests, attitudes, what we think and even what we buy.

How is it that we have put out so much information on the world wide web, yet it seems like we do not own any of these data? These data brokers take advantage of us, without even giving us a share from the proceeds obtained from OUR OWN INFORMATION! This is really wrong in numerous ways.

All pointers have indicated that these major data brokers have formed a rapidly growing industry that extracts billions of revenue from our online information, by giving it out in order to make profits.

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DATAREUM is a 21st generation innovative platform that give us the ability to have a marketplace for top quality data, but it doesn’t end there. The major persons who are the data providers will continually earn DTN just as the information they provide is being resold.

And for the big wigs in the industry who need the data, they will also pay to obtain these data which will be perfectly customized and sold to them for profit.

One of the major keys brought about by the advancement of the blockchain technology is the unique ability to have properly verified information. This system makes it possible to assess every transaction between any two people will less regard for a centralized authority.

This system will further eliminate the cost for data storage and protection especially because this time, our information will be stored in various distribution networks, instead of in one centralized location. Remember that every data we provide can put us at risk, so it’s sometimes not just about making profit, it’s also about being safe.

DATAREUM is looking towards profiting from only successful transactions in the datareum marketplace. Therefore, in order to get started, there is a need for a DTN token in order to support the creation of the liquid marketplace.

The symbol for DATAREUM token will be identified as DTN with a total token supply of 1 billion tokens. The soft cap will however be $500,000 with a pre sale Hardcap of about $2,000,000.

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For those who are ready to get on board, the initial token price will be $0.03, and can be purchased by using ETH.

For more information, please visit the DATAREUM Official website here: Website 

Here’s a link to the announcement thread: ANN Thread

You can also follow them on twitter:  Twitter 

Download the whitepaper:  Whitepaper 

Follow on facebook: Facebook 

Join the telegram group: Telegram

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