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CHERR.IO: Bridging The Gap Between Blockchain And Humanity

If there is one thing people from all around the world cherish, it would be the act of helping, although not everyone is capable of helping but people all around the world try to always do the little they can, from helping a total stranger across the street to volunteering to take care of the less privileged etc. These little act of kindness leave us with a sense of accomplishment alongside a warm feeling on the inside upon seeing some smile just because of you or something you did.

According to statistics, about one third of people all over the world donate to numerous charities and more than that volunteer every year. We have a lot of charitable organizations worldwide and we can’t even begin measure their importance and contributions to our society and the world at large. They are such a vital part of our society not only because they take care of humans but they go beyond that by taking care of animals and the environment, two things that are important to human existence that have been somehow forgotten by the powers in charge. In a perfect world, there won’t be a need for charity organizations.

With cherry.io we bring forth a new and modern fundraising platform that focuses on the process of finding and recognizing the people who are in dire need of help. The use of blockchain technology provides a secure and transparency method of raising and also delivering charities alongside a program that will facilitate organic growth of the platform by rewarding active participators of the community with CHR token; cherr.io’s own currency.

Why the name Cherr.io ?

Cherry as a fruit is loved by so many because of it qualities, asides from being beautiful and sweet they also come in pairs or triplets and are tightly bounds together, more like our cherry.io community which is well connected within itself and to the rest of the world. In addition, just like the cherry fruit can be used for jam, marmalade, juice and dessert, our platform makes all possible effort to be versatile in providing aid and support  to the world.

How does Cherry.io work ?

Lets say a woman battling life-threatening cancer needs to raise about $50,000 to commence an urgent treatment but has little or no cash to do so and decides to reaches out to People’s Health Forum (not a real organization) who are already pre-occupied with helping others and also short on cash but would so desperately like to help.


So People’s Health Forum brings the woman ordeal to cherry.io and submit the relevant documents needed to kick off the campaign as well as paying the required CHR tokens which is way cheaper than opening a new site, Then the cherrions (Cherry.io members) help promote the time sensitive campaign helping it reach maximum people and maybe raising the required money needed in the shortest time frame possible.


Charity of today have gone past being an option, it is a collective effort from each and everyone of us to make the world we live in a better place not just for us but for others. Governments have also looked up to charitable organizations to help out whenever disaster strikes, as there is a limit the government can do. Charitable organizations all around the world help fill in those gaps where the government efforts seems to not be sufficient.

Cherry.io tries to take it one step further by building the trust between the donors and these organizations and also using cutting-edge technology to cut down all those barriers in-between donors and charitable organizations while building a very strong, loving and caring community. Furthermore, donating money can be a very complex thing to do so we are trying for make the whole process simple, super fast and transparent and will be visible for all to see on the ethereum’s blockchain ledger.

All in all, cheery.io is just a platform where with the hope of significantly reducing advertising cost by enabling people (Cherrions) spread the word in exchange for a reward, reduce transactions fees and provide security and transparency.

You don’t need to be told. You should be the one telling others.

To visit the official website, you can follow this link, https://www.cherr.io/ the team are also dedicated to everyone who is interested in knowing much more about this project. So, you may check out their social team on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CherrioPlatform twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CherrioPlatform

here’s how to donate: https://platform.cherr.io/en/how-to-donate


Read about the token sale here https://cherr.io/


View past campaigns: https://platform.cherr.io/en/past-campaigns


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