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Sometime ago I needed to renovate my house. The roof was leaking and a lot of places were making strange sounds. I needed to get things fixed in my house fast before someone got hurt.

I asked around from friends and colleagues for a good firm that can handle my home repairs then I was directed to a website where I could find a good contractor. I visited the website and looked through various contractors offering their services of home repairs. I decided to go with the company that had the highest reviews. That was a mistake!

I had no idea that reviews could be manipulated. I hired a contractor and handed my house to him for repairs. Let’s just say it was a disaster. My house came out worse than it was. The contractor used substandard materials to fix my house and also billed me outrageously. I had to look for another contractor to repair the damages created by the first contractor and then to subsequently fix my house.

All this could have been avoided had I come in contact with Bob’s repair. It would have saved me money, time and trouble. Now I introduce to you this great platform. You don’t need to go through what I did in the hands of incompetent contractors and workers.

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Introducing Bob’s Repair

Bob’s repair is a platform that came into existence by the brilliant minds of two brothers, known as the Prandecki brothers. These brothers happen to be exceptional software engineers as well as blockchain experts. Bob’s repair was created to eliminate fraud from transactions between contractors and consumers. This platform was built to ensure fair pricing and quality work for consumers. This platform already has a customer base of 55,000 and making over $1,000,000 in profit. Bob’s repair platform was built on the blockchain technology to address problems facing the home improvement market today. To eliminate fraud, Bob’s repair launched a decentralized platform where users can find the kind of services they require.

Bob’s repair platform was built on the STEEM blockchain and will operate as an application on iOS, Android and Web. Using the STEEM blockchain, Bob’s repair platform will combat fraud to make sure no user is scammed. Bob’s repair aims to bring consumers the best possible lowest price of contracts and to ensure transparency.

It will also eliminate third parties and cheating in the industry. Advertisement from contractors will not be allowed on the Bob’s application. This will ensure that consumers do not receive advertisement costs from contractors. On this platform, contractors will be rated based on the quality of their work and their visibility will be based on merit.

The primary mandate of Bob’s repair is to create a network where consumers and contractors can communicate and where the consumer can release funds after each phase of a project is satisfactory. Another mandate of Bob’s repair is to create a comfortable platform for customers and to make available a powerful market where technology will be used to raise our customers satisfaction.

John David McAfee, a world renowned computer programmer and business man, is in support of this powerful idea.

About Bob’s Token

Token Name: BOB

Hard cap: 30,000 ETH

Soft cap: 6000 ETH

Beginning date: 04/04/2018

Contract Type: View

Total Supply: 360,000,000 BOB

Amount for ICO participants: 50%

Team campaign/ Advisor/ Bounty: 20%

Reserve Fund: 20%

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Whose Idea is this?

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Everyone who earns money wants to get value for every money they spend. This is what Bob’s repair is all about and customer satisfaction is a guarantee. Join us today.

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