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BOB’S REPAIR ICO; Smart Contracts on a decentralized marketplace made easy

We have some online platforms where contractors can be connected to consumers but all of them are not really satisfying the consumers. Most of the contractors on these platforms ends up inducing their reviews on those platforms so as to attract consumers; their reviews are always fake, zero transparency. Again, a lot of contractors are made to pay huge amount of money for advertisement which in turn leads to hidden costs and inflated prices. All these challenges trick the consumers into making decisions that they are bound to regret at the end of the day and also makes them waste a lot of money.

I have had my own share of experience from hiring contractors (a plumber) online after reading his reviews and at the end of the day after paying heavily for the job, I had to get another plumber to redo the job because of how bad the job was done; the outcome of his plumbing job was terrible and it didn’t tally with the reviews I saw on the platform.

Some weeks back I came across the whitepaper of a project that has been designed to solve the above challenges; that is, the BOB’S REPAIR project. Let me introduce you to this ground breaking project.


This is a platform is a blockchain enabled platform designed to solve the challenge of review fraud, inflated costs and hidden advertising fees. . The BOB’S REPAIR team plans to use the most transparent technology on earth known as the blockchain technology to fight transparency and review fraud issues; this they plan to do by building an application known as BOB APPLICATION on the STEEM blockchain which will be on Android, iOS and web version.

On the BOB APPLICATION, there won’t be advertising from contractors; this will help in eliminating hidden advertising costs that is always passed to the consumers. The transparency of this platform will be second to none and review fraud will be a thing of the past.


The BOB’S REPAIR project have a token known as BOB token which will act as a means of payment and transaction on the platform. The token will use smart contracts and it’s also an ERC20 token.

For you to be able to participate in the BOB ICO, you need to complete a KYC form, an Anti-money laundry form and also provide your Ethereum wallet address that you will like the BOB token to be sent to. Below is other information you might need for the ICO;




The BOB’S REPAIR team has planned to distribute tokens at the end of the pre-sale and the main sale as follows:


For every great project, there are great men and women behind it. Below are some of the great minds behind this great project:

For further inquiries please visit the links below:

Website | Telegram | ANN Thread | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit | Media

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177


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