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Social media has brought a great deal of connection between everyone in the globe, except for countries like china of course, who make use of their own social networks which aren’t even in English.

Other than countries like china, social media have been a great source of finding out what is happening all around the world. Because of the experience in which these networks bring to users, majority of users spend all day on various social network not minding the fact that they aren’t being paid on these platforms.

Imagine having a social network which wouldn’t just reward you for the content in which you publish in its platform but also empower those with the actual desire to create digital content to do so. The existing social network is estimated to have over 3 billion active users which generates billions of dollars for these social networks, but because of the centralized nature of the industry users aren’t rewarded for the impact they have on various platform.

FORESTING has seen the need to empower content creators and reward every active user of the platform based on their level of contribution to the network.

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FORESTING like the name goes, is creating a social network where respective individuals can sow the seed of their created content on the platform which will grow to collectively become a vast collection of content which will both provide reward for the platform and its users. The platform will be making use of a lab which will be used to provide various offline work space various equipment such as cameras and lots more for content creators and a bank which will allow users manage their rewards and also transfer it between the users on the platform.


The platform which be making use of the blockchains disruptive technology in other to make the platform truly decentralized thereby giving users control over their data, making the platform fully secure and also providing them the opportunity to get paid.

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FORESTING will consist of four major layers which will also facilitate Dapp:

  • Bottom layer: this will consist of the blockchain toolkit which will be providing the basic blockchain services such as block formats, algorithm, networks, database, users, and the permission management system. These toolkits will be responsible making the service fast, enable an efficient multi-transaction processing and also allowing high availability and low tendency for users.
  • FORESTING Core: this layer will be responsible for key business logic implementation, account rights management, the distribution of user reward algorithm, community platform and also the advertising system.
  • The universal application programming interface (UAPI): this will provide third-party developers with the application programme interface (APIs) for the creation of content, user management and evaluation which will enable them to create their own development layers on any platform with development capabilities.
  • Software development kit: these will contain tools such as plug-ins, sample applications and other tools which enable developers and users to build their own content. Users can also integrate the FORESTING network directly into various forums and blogs with the use of a pug-in set.


The primary version of the platform will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain which will help facilitate the development of a decentralized app (Dapp) using its virtual machine. The second version of FORESTING however, will have its own blockchain which will comply with EVM.

To fund this project, the platform is currently offering an initial coin offering which will give anyone purchasing the token shares in the platform through the hold of its crypto token. this is a big project, and I will suggest you use this opportunity to be a part of it.





Username: Inene

Profile Url:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2071864

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