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Haven written some reviews on MOBILEBRIDGE MOMENTUM, it’s partners and business model I feel it will be necessary to run a review on the Token Sale Event just like I promised in my previous article. This will help investors know what the token will be used for, the duration of the Token sale event and how investors can benefit from the process.

The MOMENTUM TOKEN is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token which will be used as a means of transaction between all parties on the MOBILEBRIDGE MOMENTUM platform. After going through the list of the MOMENTUM ICO partners I can tell you with all confidence that this is not a shit-coin. A company like AmaZix which is presently the world’s leading community management and engagement firm for blockchain token sale projects cannot be a part of shit-coin promotion and AmaZix is one of the MOBILEBRIDGE MOMENTUM ICO partners; this should boost your confidence on the token. Investing in MOMENTUM token is simply investing in Gold, its future is so bright.

The Token sale event started in February 2018 with the MOBILEBRIDGE Friends and Family Sale, this process ended on the 23rd of March 2018. This process was followed by private sales which will be succeeded by public sales which will be the last phase of the token sales. The soft-cap of this project has been set for 3 million USD and with this; the team will be able to start up the project. Also the hard-cap of this project has been set for 51 million USD; this will enable the team to expedite their time to market and global growth. The remaining token at the same period will be burnt leaving the real value in circulation. The ICO will be ending pretty soon and believe me you don’t want to be told what will become of the coin once it’s listed on exchanges; It will hit the moon!!

Always come around for more reviews, you will always get the right information but before then you can visit the following links for more info on MOBILEBRIDGE MOMENTUM project:

Website|Ann Thread| Whitepaper|Twitter|Telegram|Reddit

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177


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  1. I am scared of investing in ICOs, I lost thousands of dollars to some worthless coins but after going through this i want to give this a trial. I hope this won’t turn out like others

  2. If AmaZix is involved then am in! Thanks a lot Collins

  3. Judging from the project values, this will be a good platform to invest

  4. Helo, is the token sale still on? and have they reached soft cap?

  5. ovrawah ochuko kessinton

    wow! this is very informative. can I purchase this token with ripplecoin or litecoin?

  6. ovrawah ochuko kessinton

    what is the credibility of this project team?

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