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Sometime last year a friend of mine told me about an ICO and was persuading me to join because of the bogus returns promised by team; in fact they were promising a daily return of 5% on any investment made which I knew was not feasible and sustainable. Actually, the company in question had no innovative project, they were not out to solve any problem rather they were out to multiply people’s money through lending and staking; investors were asked to lend a minimum of 100 USD to the platform which they promised to return a daily profit of 5% to the investors. For the fact that they were not out to solve any professional problem I asked my friend not to invest but he went ahead to invest $5000 and today he is in deep regret because the project is no more.

It is very important to know how sustainable a project is before you think of pathing ways with your hard earned money and that is why I am doing this review.

First and foremost, you must understand that SMART CONTAINERS is out to solve a very important problem in the logistics industry. The project was designed to secure sensitive goods and to make sure that no one under any circumstance ever receives a compromised product. Also, the SMART CONTAINERS GROUP is a company registered under the Swiss Registry of commerce with a UID: CHE-141.664.882 so I do not think you have any reason to be scared.

The challenge the company is out to solve is so important because it has a way of positively affecting not just the logistics industry but also the public health sector both in food safety and pharma products transportation. So you see, SMART CONTAINERS is bound to stand a test of time because it has something tangible to offer, it is not promising you any form of money doubling  rather it is bringing something new and innovative to a professional industry (that is the logistics industry) which indirectly affects the public health sector positively too. As the company keeps gaining ground all investors grows with it too.

I also discovered that on two different occasions, a competitor and a strategic buyer has approached Richard Ettl and Nico Ros to sell off Skycell (SMART CONTAINERS’ first product) to them but the duo refused simply because they are not interested in making quick bucks but are committed to seeing SMART CONTAINERS Group growing to the point of becoming a world leading company. You can only see such commitment from a team that wants to build a sustainable company. They are driven by their Vision and not money!

If you ask me, I will confidently say that SMART CONTAINERS project’s sustainability is guaranteed due to the caliber of people behind the project.

Your money is safe with this project. Join the SMART CONTAINERS ICO.

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Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177

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