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A team is the backbone of any product and the outcome of that product is a direct reflection of the team behind it. If a product comes out to be excellent, then it can be concluded that the team behind it did a good job and they are excellent in their various fields of expertise. This is the case with Cardstack.

Cardstack is a company made up of 8 team members. These team members are professionals in their respective fields and are experienced to bring about the very best product to the world. Their commitment and hard work is second to none and partnering with their product, Cardstack, is an advantage to whoever that takes the step because Cardstack is a powerful product that in no distant time the world will testify of its importance.


The Team Members

Chris Tse, Founder & Head Of Product: Chris is the Founder of Cardstack and he has over 10 years of experience gotten from leadership positions in working with R&D and fortune 500 companies. He is also a Co-Founder at Monegraph which is a platform that connects blockchain registries and music databases together.

Ed Faulkner, Lead Developer: Ed has a very strong technical background and he is also a member of Ember Core team. By his brilliance he created Liquid Fire. He is the Founder of Polynomial LLC which is a project for the development of strategic software projects. He is also the Founder of Brave Leaf and also served as their CTO. He is also the Founder and CTO of Clericare. He held a position at MIT Media Lab as Software Consultant. At Akamai technologies he served as Senior Software Engineer. He earned a masters degree in computer science from MIT.

Hassan Abdel-Rahman, Senior Blockchain Developer: Hassan has over 20 years technical experience. He worked together with Chris Tse at Monegraph and he served in the capacity of Senior Software Engineer. At McGraw-Hill Education, he worked as their Principal Engineer. He is also AppBox LLC’s Co-Founder. At Flatirons Solutions he served as Technical Lead. He has held many technical positions since 1998-2006 at Sun Microsystems.

Justin Thong, Data Scientist: Justin is a young graduate and he was a researcher at University of St Andrews. He authored two papers namely Proportional Attribution and Allocation Model.

Ken Rossi, UX Lead: At Liquid New York, Ken was Principal for Products and User Experience Design. He was creative Director at USTA. He also served as Principal at Kasei Sports Inc and was Design and UX expert at Civil Engines Research, LLC.


It is clear that the Cardstack team are professionals who have served in various capacities in other companies and have come together to use their combined experiences to unveil to the world a remarkable product. This team is highly motivated and driven that is why their product, Cardstack, is the best product for you to partner with. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to partner with a product that will change the current way of using the Internet in order to usher in a much better solution. Partner with Cardstack and you will be glad you did.


Official Contacts 

Website: https://cardstack.com

Bitcointalk [ANN]: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2768237.0

Whitepaper: https://cardstack.com/whitepaper-pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/cardstack

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cardstack/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardstack

Medium: https://medium.com/cardstack

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/cardstackproject

Github: https://github.com/cardstack/cardstack


Username: Inene

Profile Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2071864


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